terrorists in the White House

Why are we expecting an imminent low-tech assault, a missile-launcher, a piloted plane missile, an atomic or radioactive dirty bomb, a chemical or biological attack at this time?

What has happened to this country that we could completely lose our sanity and our soul in just two years? Ok, maybe it took longer, but they are both definitely missing at this time. If the danger now being evoked is not all just a fabrication of a regime in Washington which needs to warn of an imminent threat in order to justifty itself, could it be a consequence of our doing something horribly wrong as a nation? Think about it. What happened to reason, to intelligent and generous policy, to a real connection with a larger world, one which does not consist only of violence or the threat of violence? Where is the courage and the conviction of the ideals which once shown as a beacon for much of the world?

Forget the plastic sheeting and the duct tape. Let's drive the darkness, the real terrorists, out of the White House, and let us go back to the business of being Americans!

"…crasez l'inf‚me!" [with eternal gratitude to Francois Marie Arouet (Voltaire)]