the nation of New York City

City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. wants the City of New York to leave the State of New York.

"We send Albany $3.5 billion more than we receive back," Vallone said. "The state has treated us like an unwanted orphan for too long. It may be time for us to move out."

He plans to introduce a bill that would ask city voters whether they want a commission to study secession. If they agree, the commission will hold hearings and draft a proposal. Then voters would get one more shot at the secession question before it can move to state legislators.

If it passed muster before the Legislature, it would go to Congress.

I can think of much better reasons to secede, but not just from the state, from the nation--and now!

We are governed from Washington by a regime alien to everything New York City is about. We support in every way, and all over the world, parts of this country which can't think straight and which prefer New Yorkers would just go to hell.

Above all, we have been and will remain the primary target of violence from those who resent an American foreign policy established in provincial ignorance and founded in narrow greed. As a city however, we are loved by and have captured the imagination of a world which sees us as smart, open and damn good company, reason enough to establish an independent identity without delay.

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Published on February 7, 2003 9:11 PM.

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