bully mows down neighbor kid in kid's yard

These are two borrowings from Bloggy, combined here as one post.

Minutes before the [March 19] speech, an internal television monitor at the White House showed the President pumping his fist.

"Feels good," he said.

This was two nights ago, just after the intellectually and morally-challenged nincompoop had unleashed our sophisticated military fury on a crippled third-world nation.

In the broadcast itself he said, "We will accept no outcome but victory." Duh. I suppose we could at least be grateful that, like all bullies, the U.S. would never dare pick on an opponent of its own size [we never have], even if one were to be found. But in fact this evening I do not feel that gratitude, because these are the people we are blowing to smithereens tonight with "shock and awe."