BYOQS [bring your own queer sign]

I'm mad as hell!

And it's not just because my country is about to blow up millions of people on the other side of the world who wish us no harm. I'm a bit upset that my country has been stolen, from all of us, along with our civil rights and the remote hopes of people around the world that we might champion their own human rights.

For two years I've been depressed about not finding people who felt as strongly about these issues as I do and in whose company I felt comfortable and, well, amused. Queer activists, there's nothing like 'em.

Tonight Barry and I spent two fantastic hours in the midst of such a community, and this week we will be with our people on the streets once again. New York now has a group of genuine queer activists organized against the war with Iraq. A lot of you will find you already know many of these people, and they will know a lot of you. Where that won't be the case, all the more exciting for both sides!

Join tons of lesbians and gays under a big pink triangle boasting a particularly colorful peace symbol on Saturday, and also on the day the bombing begins, whether that's before or after Saturday, when we meet to raise a huge, very visible ruckus in the massive antiwar march down Broadway.

On both days, bring big, fierce queer signage and all kinds of noisemakers (maybe earplugs should also be part of your ditty).

For logistical details, email me at

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Published on March 19, 2003 1:37 AM.

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