Idyllic cyclist freed to run for peace

Reza K. Baluchi is free at last. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service has decided not to appeal a judge's decision eleven days ago which officially granted him political asylum. During the interim Baluchi has been kept in the Arizona jail which has been his cage since November.

Even the I.N.S. could not have been indifferent to the appeal of a pure soul and what must have been an enormous outpouring of support from those who had heard of his plight.

Our hero was to be picked up today by his lawyer, Suzannah Maclay.

Mr. Baluchi intends to pick up his bicycle and camping equipment from storage in Yuma, Ariz., and head for Los Angeles. When is ready, he said, he will run from there across the country, his peace mission resumed.


so glad you've been keeping tabs on this story, it's wonderful!


I'd like to cheer him on when he gets near Washington DC. Any tips on how I can keep track of his progress?


I would like to know when Mr. Baluchi is going to be close to Michigan, if there is a time line or site to keep track I would appreciate the information.

For Tim, Mike and anyone else trying to contact Reza or learn more about his progress across the country, try emailing him at [email protected]

Also, you can use my search function on the right to find other posts I have made about Reza. Each of them has links to other sites, in the form of highlighted words.