no kristallnacht yet, but we are warned

An alert from Adam Greenfield, via, that the U.S. may face a brain drain not unlike that which accompanied the Nazi consolidation of power in the 30's. Ironically, 65 years ago, in spite of its own nativist immigration policies, it was the U.S. which was benefitting from repression.

America hasn't had its Kristallnacht - yet - but even so the buzz around New Zealand in a few circles of my acquaintance is enough to put one in mind of the brain drain Germany bought itself in the mid- to late 1930's. And as Florida might have it, if I were a smart politician just about anywhere on the planet - one interested in economic vitality and quality of life - I might be egging the Ashcrofts on. All those smart Americans will be looking to settle somewhere that supports and encourages them in who they are, and they'll bring their truest assets, their creative minds, right along with 'em.