U.S. out of New York!

The U.S. is destroying New York City.

What wasn't accomplished on September 11, 2001 [and some day we may learn to what extent it was not just Washington's incompetence but even its design which was responsible for those blows] is now being finished by the same insane foreign and domestic policy which uses that date as its argument, by the destruction of our civil liberties and by the current military occupation of the City.

We are the primary target for the the anger of the world primed by the White House; we are the community most sensitive to Washinton's theft of our freedoms of speech, assembly and unreasonable search and seizure, among others; and we cannot long function as the capital of the world if our movements are slowed or restricted by an army of police, soldiers and every other form of military occupier.

Bush and his handlers will not mourn New York, and I won't dignify the mass of Americans who support Washington by suggesting they will miss this city when it is gone. The U.S. doesn't deserve New York. New York belongs to the world. I only hope that world will not soon find we only belong to the ages.