U.S. out to paint U.N. as evil

The interests which placed the Bush administration in power have always wanted to destroy the U.N.

Last night in Bush's statements they made clear that they would bring what would effectively be a resolution for war before the Security Council even though it is now certain that it would fail. In the past the U.S., when it could not get its way in the U.N., just went ahead and did what it wanted, including going to war. This time our government is determined to make the U.N. look impotent and irrelevant, if not actually evil.

And it certainly goes that far. Bush has told the world, "You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror." Last night and in the next days he intends to make France, Germany, Russia, China and virtually the entire world, all of which oppose his war, look like they are on the side of the terrorists.