we are damned, if not god-damned

I'm an atheist, so I cannot say, "God damn this country," even if I wanted to, but I can certainly say that we have damned ourselves today, perhaps irredeemably. Only hours ago we started to rain bombs upon and began an invasion of a virtually defenseless third-world country which has never threatened us.

Everything the administration has presented as an excuse for this holocaust has been a lie, and our press has never really called them on it. But Americans have chosen their media, and they have therefore chosen to remain ignorant. The result is that, with the exception apparently of some vague small proportion of the population, our approval of this war has been regarded as implicit where it has not been enthusiastic.

Iraq was never the real enemy. The enemy is here. The wreckage of our republic, and now our war crimes and the crimes against humanity which will accompany them are what really threatens us, and indeed the entire world.

I don't see the republic being restored and we cannot call back the horror unleashed tonight. America is now damned to endure the consequences, perhaps forever.


Meet that vague small number of truly republican Americans, and the visiting friends from other countries who love them, at 5 today (thursday) in Times Square or wherever your own community has agreed to show its resistance. Years from now people will ask, didn't anyone say no? If you're still around, you will want to be able to proudly answer the question.

Check the site of United for Peace and Justice for arrangements and logistics around the country.