Reza in Arizona

Reza Baluchi has been cheered along in Arizona on his run to the World Trade Center site, although by now he may actually be in New Mexico. Dave Hyslop, who has been sending these reports and who seems to be accompanying him along the way, writes:

Sorry for the long time between updates ... have only access through libraries in the towns we come to and then for a limited time. Reza is running on I-40 through the whole state of Arizona (thanks to permission from the Arizona Highway Patrol. Very nice folks, by the way. Many stop to check on Reza and make sure he's okay.)
People have been driving hundreds of miles from California to greet, care for and feed the guy. For those who want more about Reza, Hyslop offers this contact information:
You can leave messages of support for Reza at 310-821-6055. We try to listen to them daily and they mean so much to him.

He can also be written at this email address:
[email protected] and "any day now" we
should have the web site open at:



Am siting in a little internet cafe in Fort Smith, AR with Reza. He ran into Fort Smith this evening. This makes five states he's completed with Arkansas up next.

Hope to be in Little Rock by the morning of July 5th. A cousin of mine lives in Little Rock so we may drive in to see here the night of the 4th and attend a fireworks party...not sure yet.

Reza sure appreciates your thoughts, James.

- Dave Hyslop

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Published on May 30, 2003 11:05 AM.

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