"I want whatever they got"

Maureen Dowd's just about had it with affirmative action!

Justice Thomas's dissent in the 5-4 decision preserving affirmative action in university admissions has persuaded me that affirmative action is not the way to go.

The dissent is a clinical study of a man who has been driven barking mad by the beneficial treatment he has received.

It's poignant, really. It makes him crazy that people think he is where he is because of his race, but he is where he is because of his race.

She reminds herself that
. . . he got into Yale Law School and got picked for the Supreme Court thanks to his race.

. . . .

He is at the pinnacle, an African-American who succeeded in getting past the Anita Hill sexual harassment scandal by playing the race card, calling the hearing "a high-tech lynching," and who got a $1.5 million advance to write his African-American Horatio Alger story, "From Pin Point to Points After."

Dowd is further disgusted by the affirmative action program which brought us George Bush,
the Yale legacy who also disdains affirmative action, is playing affirmative action politics in the preliminary vetting of a prospective Supreme Court nominee, Alberto Gonzales. No doubt Bush 43 will call Mr. Gonzales the best qualified man for the job, rather than the one best qualified to help harvest the 2004 Hispanic vote. [Bush 41 nominated Thomas with the preposterous claim that he was "the best qualified" man for the job.]

President Bush and Justice Thomas have brought me around. I don't want affirmative action. I want whatever they got.

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Published on June 25, 2003 11:31 AM.

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