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Posting will resume once Time Warner Cable/Road Runner deigns to get our cable modem running again. 24 hours after Chelsea (the last neighborhood in the city, yes) had its power restored, we have no cable.

any luck? i've now talked to at least 8 customer service people (7 did not seem clear on what a cable modem was), made one trek to 23rd and park to get a new cable modem (I live in Brooklyn. it was hot. i waited an hour and a half. it was not fun) got the thing home and it still doesn't work--there's simply no cable signal for an internet feed. regular cable works just fine. hrrmph. talked to two more time warner people and got "the next available service apointment!" for wednesday. great. almost two weeks since the blackout, no service to speak of. i should swith my service to--oh wait, they have a monopoly.


Actually, we got our cable back around 4pm on Monday. They had told us that someone would be around to check on our connection on Tuesday, but we mobilized all of the other people in our building to make calls as well.

My advice? If there are others in your building without cable right now, get them to make complaints. TIME Warner is more likely to hurry if it is known to be a general outage rather than just one customer down.

Good luck.

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Published on August 16, 2003 8:54 PM.

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