follow-up on "good art cheap"

If anyone was thinking of going to the A.R.T. Benefit, and have not stopped by the gallery yet, I'd suggest getting there as soon as you can, that is, any time today. The works are already being sold, but there's plenty of art left.

Prices range/d from $10 to $250, including some of their iris prints, although the most valuable are also available, and their prices top at $1250 - on works generally worth several times that.

The idea is to raise money which is absolutely needed by the institution, as well as to benefit young collectors and broadcast the artists at the same time. I suspect nothing will remain after this evening, so it may be an especially interesting scene after 7.

We've already parted with some money ourselves, and we now learn so have some of our friends. Yea for all of us!

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Published on September 4, 2003 2:50 PM.

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