treason as capitol [sic, maybe] offense

Off with their heads!

Yeah, sure, Ashcroft's going to get right on it.

But actually, is this Bush's Watergate burglary?

Are the highest members of the adminstration involved in betraying a C.I.A. agent, endangering her and her colleagues and consequently discouraging others from coming forward with information on terrorist threats? Did they do this not just for revenge, but because they hoped to to intimidate others both within and outside government - to shut them up? And is there now a coverup in process?

What did the president know?

We might actually never find out, since every branch of the federal government is controlled by Bush's Republicans, and an opposition party effectively doesn't exist.

Our only hope seems to rest on the most primitive impulse of the media, the part that reacts to the smell of blood with enough lust to overcome its corporate dependency and give up the rewards of access available to those who don't question the status quo.

The signals we've been seeing lately in national and international news coverage are certainly propitious.

Is anything going well for the administration these days?

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Published on September 29, 2003 1:43 PM.

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