Nobel honors woman, Vatican pissed off

Shirin Ebadi arriving at a news conference in Paris today

In a brilliant decision by the committee in Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to an Iranian lawyer and former judge, Shirin Ebadi, who becomes the first Muslim woman to win the award.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Ebadi -- Iran's first female judge before the 1979 Islamic revolution forced her to step down in favor of men -- for battling to defend the rights of women and children.

. . . .

The five-member committee said Ebadi, jailed several times during her career and once branded a threat to the Islamic system, was a "sound professional" and a "courageous person" who had "never heeded threats to her own safety."

"We hope that the prize will be an inspiration for all those who struggle for human rights and democracy in her country, in the Muslim world, and in all countries where the fight for human rights needs inspiration and support," the committee said.

Her most serious rival in the competition, Karol Wojtyla, the Catholic monarch, must have been greatly disappointed, and sour grapes were served in Poland and the Vatican today.
Ebadi, 56, won from a record field of 165 candidates including Pope John Paul and ex-Czech President Vaclav Havel. Many hailed the award but former Polish President Lech Walesa, the 1983 Nobel winner, said the Polish pope should have won.

. . . .

A prize to the ailing pope or to Havel could have been too much like a long-service award when Alfred Nobel, the Swedish founder of the awards, said he wanted to inspire "dreamers."

Many researchers say that the pope's opposition to birth control, pre-marital sex, homosexuality and female priests seemed intolerant to many Norwegians, especially women, despite a 25-year-reign devoted to peace and religious reconciliation [on his own terms].

Three of the five Nobel committee members are women. One Vatican official sniffed: "I thought this was a peace prize and not a prize in sexual ethics."

. . . .

Walesa slammed the committee for passing over the pope. "I have nothing against this lady, but if there is anyone alive who deserves this year's Nobel Peace Prize it is the Holy Father," he said.

For more on only one enormously important part of Wojtyla's record, see bloggy.

[image from REUTERS/John Schults]

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That seems to be the reaction of the Catholics to the Nobel Peace Prize going to Iranian activist Shirin Ebadi... Read More

The Story of Raymond DAMADIAN

The Story of Independent Scientist Dr. Raymond DAMADIAN and a bite of imagination around the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


- Imagination?

- Truth dear!.. Something ridiculous, beyond glamorous!.. This is a brand new RIDICULOUS FRAUD of the ZIONIST COMMITTEE MEMBERS; NOBEL PRIZE in MEDICINE (dis)MISSED the TRUE SCIENTIST!.. Sure, this is a true story of dismissed Scientist Raymond Damadian. Big shame, calls as "NPR case", too, I don't know why..
- Tv documentary team exposes today this clip;
Shameful Prize Scandal, Nobel 2003 in Medicine... - Folk says that
wrong persons awarded!... Nobel committee members drank so much, this time...
- Scandinavia is famous as drug paradise by official figures... - Frankly
thus shurk committee's corrupted friends prized; also, foxies Paul
Laterbur&Peter Mansfield... - Let's watch this interesting tv clip!..

- Nobel prize winners announced...
- The Nobel prize winners were announced recently, and not for the first time
there has been some controversary involved . Both the prize for Medicine and for
Physics were awarded for contributions to the development of Magnetic Resonance
Imaging (MRI). Paul Laterbur, and Peter Mansfield, were awarded the prize for
Medicine, while the prize for Physics went to Vitaly Ginsburg, Alexei Abrikosov
and Anthony Leggett. But a US researcher claims "the Nobel committee is
rewriting history"
- Nobel Prize in Medicine Contested and GeoGreg reporteed; "The AP is reporting
that Dr. Raymond Damadian is asking the Nobel committee to add him to the list
of recipients of this year's prize in medicine. His company claims that he made
the key discovery leading to MRI, and that the two recipients (Paul Laterbur and
Peter Mansfield) made technological improvements. This link indicates that
Damadian showed that magnetic resonance could distinguish between types of
tissue, while Laterbur and Mansfield showed that images could be formed using
magnetic resonance." - But the truth was little different... Committee
stink this time, very ugly... - Well, I've got to say that from that summary,
it does sound as if he has been overlooked and deserves to be recognised.
- If he's been overlooked, that's too bad, and maybe the Nobel Committee screwed
up. But they're not going to change their minds, and by whining about it, he
just makes himself look bitter. He's exactly right -- they are "above the law
and accountable to no one." And that means they can give their prize to whomever
they damn well choose. Right now, even though there are other awards that have a
higher monetary value, the Nobel is the most prestigious because of its name and
history. If they have a few spectacular screwups, maybe that won't be the case
any more, and Damadian will be vindicated. But that's history's judgement to
- I agree. It's their choice, and it's their right to say "Sorry". And I'm glad
that the Nobel commite isn't in the US or they'd probably be sued every year.
That said, I still think is sounds like he deserves to be recognised. Just a
simple "he helped", "he contributed", or the guys who got it could say "we
couldn't have done it if we didn't know what he found out". But I agree, they
shouldn't be forced to give the prize to him too or anything.
- I heard an interview on NPR with one of the scientists who DID win, and either
he or the reporter noted that one of the things that had held up the awarding of
a prize for MRI for many years was the dispute over whether this third guy got
included or not. I didn't get any impression from the scientist that he
particularly cared. Which means that it was up to the Nobel committee, and they
made their decision after apparently looking at the question of whether he
should be included or not many times over the last decade or more. That said, I
suspect that the committee believes they made the right decision. The fact that
this guy is coming back with sour grapes now sure doesn't seem very
- The other way the story is being told is that the guy wouldn't accept if Dr D
was on it too. They had a long and bitter fight over priority which Dr D won.
- The Nobel prize committee can only choose between those people who are
noiminated, they can't nominate people themselves. So he shouldn't bitch to the
Nobel committee that they didn't choose him -- they didn't have the option to.
He should be bitching to the people who didn't nominate him with the others. In
either case, bitching and whining about not wining a prize is bad form. (I know
a similar case where someone's collaborators won the Nobel, but he wasn't
nominated. He wasn't happy about it, but his reaction was more "oh well".) - I
agree. It's their choice, and it's their right to say "Sorry". And I'm glad that
the Nobel commite isn't in the US or they'd probably be sued every year. That
said, I still think is sounds like he deserves to be recognised. Just a simple
"he helped", "he contributed", or the guys who got it could say "we couldn't
have done it if we didn't know what he found out". But I agree, they shouldn't
be forced to give the prize to him too or anything.
- I heard an interview on NPR with one of the scientists who DID win, and either
he or the reporter noted that one of the things that had held up the awarding of
a prize for MRI for many years was the dispute over whether this third guy got
included or not. I didn't get any impression from the scientist that he
particularly cared. Which means that it was up to the Nobel committee, and they
made their decision after apparently looking at the question of whether he
should be included or not many times over the last decade or more. That said, I
suspect that the committee believes they made the right decision. The fact that
this guy is coming back with sour grapes now sure doesn't seem very
- If he's been overlooked, that's too bad, and maybe the Nobel Committee screwed
up. But they're not going to change their minds, and by whining about it, he
just makes himself look bitter. He's exactly right -- they are "above the law
and accountable to no one." And that means they can give their prize to whomever
they damn well choose. Right now, even though there are other awards that have a
higher monetary value, the Nobel is the most prestigious because of its name and
history. If they have a few spectacular screwups, maybe that won't be the case
any more, and Damadian will be vindicated. But that's history's judgement to
- It's ludicrous to think that the nobel committee would give the award to an
avowed creationist. it really doesn't matter that he invented the process. to
give this man a nobel would bring the prize into disrepute.
- Oh, christ, get over over the whole creationist thing already. It's one of
those beliefs that people don't just change, so there's no point in berating
them about it. The fact that he's a creationist (which I haven't even checked
for validity) has nothing to do with whether or not he invented the MRI idea.
- What on earth makes you think that a person's religious beliefs have anything
at all to do with whether or not they are eligible for the Nobel Prize? "Oh, I'm
sorry, you believe in Thor, so we can't possible give you this honor, but we
would have given it to you if you didn't... I don't suppose you could stop
believing in him for a couple of weeks, could you?"
- Would you give a prestigious scientific award to, say, a chemist who believed
the world was flat and the heavenly bodies rotated around it, regardless of his
contributions to chemistry?
- They gave one to a guy who's best friend was a firment of his imagination
[], didn't they? If Watson & Crick had believed the world sat
on the back of a giant turtle, they still discovered DNA, and that's still a
Nobel-worthy achievement. For pete's sake, Alfred Nobel himself believed that if
he created a destructive enough weapon, it would end mankind's penchant for war.
Ergo, the Nobel Prize signifies ACHIEVEMENT, not BELIEF.
- Wasn't that schizophrenia? Creation science is a willing belief. I may think
people who go all out to prove dinosaurs are just a 'mystery' put down by God
are a little bit nuts, but it's not a mental illness.
- Anyone who thinks anything is put on earth as just a 'mystery' is a bit
silly.. Even the Church goers I'm friends with believe everything has a place
and a reason, but anyway... If you're taught something is true from birth.. and
you actually feel bound to it for the rest of your life, how is that different?
I mean, most Christians I know don't go oh.. I have no idea if God is real, but
I'm going to believe in him anyway. Being religious or not is not as simple as
deciding whether you'd rather have a car or a truck. This is something embedded
in their mind their entire life. They feel it is true with all their heart, and
it has absolutely nothing to do with their achievements..
- In some cases, yes it is. Overall though, I don't think so, but even if you
could say that.. What does a fixation with seeking identity have to do with
- It's a lot like being gay, isn't it. I mean that deep need to join in the
Christian thing. It's like a deep seated fixation with seeking identity. Don't
you think.
- In some cases, yes it is. Overall though, I don't think so, but even if you
could say that.. What does a fixation with seeking identity have to do with


- U.S. doctor makes rare protest over Nobel prize, reports tv redaction on 10
october 2003. Reuters referred... A U.S. doctor who owns a patent on magnetic
resonance imaging machines has made a rare public denouncement of the Nobel
Prize for Medicine committee, saying it explicitly omitted him from Monday's
shared award.

In a full page advertisement in The New York Times on Friday and The Washington
Post on Thursday, Raymond Damadian, president and founder of Fonar Corp.,
described the prize as "The Shameful Wrong That Must Be Righted."

The advertisement said that the two men who won the Nobel, Paul C. Lauterbur of
the University of Illinois and Sir Peter Mansfield of the University of
Nottingham, England, made technological improvements based on Damadian's work.

"When the announcement came out, my reaction was that I had been robbed of 33
years of my identity," Damadian, 67, told Reuters in a telephone interview. "The
Nobel committee is rewriting history and is engaged in a revision of history."

Damadian discovered in 1970 that differences between cancerous tissue and normal
tissue could be seen using nuclear magnetic resonance, a precursor to MRI
technology. His Melville, New York-based company makes and designs MRI scanners
that allow patients to stand up during the procedure.

Jealousy and complaints over Nobel laureates named in Sweden and Norway every
October are common, but public displays of disappointment and criticism such as
Damadian's are not.

In Stockholm, Hans Jornvall, secretary of the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska
Institutet, which picks the winner in medicine, said he was convinced the award
was correct and added that a Nobel prize could not be appealed.

"This is the first time I have heard of somebody taking out an advertisement,"
Jornvall said. "Science is my lfe. I would like it always to be happy but this
situation is clearly not happy."

- "DISREGARD FOR TRUTH", folk says...
- It's true!.. Damadian said that aside from his personal grievance, he believed
the Nobel committee had shown "wanton disregard for the truth" over the years.
He accused the panel of deliberately excluding him from the award worth $1.3

"They did what they did fully knowing the evil of what they were doing. They
have a place for three awardees and they had to go out of their way to
explicitly exclude me."

The newspaper advertisement, which includes an inverted Nobel medal, quote
Damadian's colleagues and several authors of books about MRI technology.

"The reason that we are so disappointed and even angry is because the work was
done here at this institution, at this medical school," said Dr. Eugene
Feigelson, dean of the State University of New York college of medicine on Long
Island, where Damadian is on staff.

"All of the development on MRI -- and by the way this is not in any way meant to
take anything away from Professor Lauterbur and Professor Mansfield -- but all
of MRI rests on the fundamental work that Dr. Damadian has done here," Feigelson
said in a telephone interview.

The Washington Post said in a separate news article on Friday that the
advertisement cost about $80,000. The New York Times ad cost about $122,000,
according to its posted rates.

Damadian received the National Medal of Technology in 1988 from President Ronald
Reagan and he was inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame in 1989. His first
patent based on his 1970 discovery, was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in
1997. - Additional reporting by Maggie Fox in Washington and Patrick
McLoughlin in Stockholm - Welcome!..

- Do we see other newspapers? - Here!.. Los Angeles Times
and Thomas H. Maugh II and Charles Piller wrote on
Oct. 11, 2003: Scientist buying ads to protest MRI Nobel... MRI prize is his
by right, he says... In an unusual public protest, a New York scientist placed
full-page ads in at least three major newspapers, claiming he was unfairly
denied the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, which was awarded to two other
scientists for the invention of magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI.

The ads, totaling an estimated $290,000 in the New York Times, the Los Angeles
Times and the Washington Post, claimed that the actual inventor of MRI was Dr.
Raymond Damadian, president and founder of Fonar Corp. on Long Island, N.Y.

The Nobel Prize was awarded Monday to Paul Lauterbur of the University of
Illinois and Sir Peter Mansfield of the University of Nottingham in England,
whose contributions to MRI development are widely acknowledged.

The ads, paid for by Fonar, claimed that the Nobel committee was "revising
history" by failing to acknowledge Damadian's role in developing the technology,
which is now extensively used for imaging internal organs for diagnosing

The ads, which appeared Thursday in the Post and Friday in the other newspapers,
claimed that Damadian made the "breakthrough" that led to MRI and that the Nobel
committee "did one thing it had no right to do: It ignored the truth."

But other scientists believe Damadian's claim is groundless.

"Most of us in the field would clearly think (the Nobel committee) got it right
this time," said Dr. E. James Potchen, a radiologist at Michigan State
University. "It was a wise, conscientious decision."

Lauterbur could not be reached for comment, but his wife said that he preferred
not to discuss Damadian's claims. Mansfield also could not be reached for

The ad featured an upside down photo of the Nobel medal and was headlined, "A
Shameful Wrong that Must Be Righted."

Up until the 1970s, magnetic resonance, then called nuclear magnetic resonance,
was a tool of chemists to deduce structure of organic molecules.

Damadian, 67, made a key contribution in the field. In 1971, he reported in the
journal Science that the radio signals emitted by cancerous tissue were
different from those emitted by healthy tissues.

Damadian envisioned an MRI scanner that would take pictures of the body's
interior, drew up plans for constructing such a machine and received several
patents. There was only one problem, Bottomley and other experts said: Damadian
was never able to use his idea to produce actual images.

- Scientists in the MRI community are not totally surprised by Damadian's
protest. Some said Damadian has always been bold in seeking ...
- You mean? - Not me, Washington Post redacteur... - Show me
it, please!...
- Welcome: In a Funk Over the No-Nobel Prize
Overlooked MRI Pioneer Lobbies Against Decision
By David Montgomery
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 10, 2003; Page C01
As the Nobels have been unveiled all week, reporters have been calling up
laureates every day and asking where they were when they heard the news, and how
does it feel to be a winner. But what about the losers? Where were they and how
did it feel?
Raymond Damadian was at his computer at home on Long Island at 5:30 Monday
morning, logging on to the Nobel Foundation Web site. This was the precise
moment when the prize for medicine was to be announced. And there it was: He
immediately saw that the work being honored was magnetic resonance imaging --
MRI -- his field! He knew from colleagues that he had been nominated for the
prize this year, and several previous years.
He checked the names of the winners.
"I went from my computer into my bedroom," Damadian said yesterday. "My wife
said, 'What happened?' I said they gave it to [Paul C.] Lauterbur and [Sir
Peter] Mansfield and they left me out."
How did that moment feel?
A pause.
"Agony," he recalled. "I know the outcome of this is to be written out of
history altogether."
He tuned out the inevitable media reports of Lauterbur and Mansfield savoring
their own personal leaps into history. "It was too much for me to bear."
But unlike most Nobel also-rans, Damadian is not giving up so easily. Yesterday
his MRI manufacturing company on Long Island, Fonar Corp., took out a full-page
ad in The Washington Post headlined "The Shameful Wrong That Must Be Righted."
It quoted scientists saying he was robbed. It quoted textbooks attesting to his
contribution to the now ubiquitous technology -- 60 million MRI exams were given
last year -- that employs high-powered magnets and radio waves to produce images
of soft tissue inside the body that once was invisible to doctors unless they
cut open the patient.
The ad charged that "inexcusable disregard for the truth has led the [Nobel]
committee to make a decision that is simply outrageous," and it provided a
clip-out form for supporters to mail protests directly to the Nobel arbiters in
Such ads in the Post typically cost just over $80,000, and Damadian said he will
place more in other newspapers.
It's one physician-inventor's campaign to get his name added to the award for
medicine before it is officially presented later this year.
"I know that had I never been born, there would be no MRI today," Damadian said.
Nobel selections often result in jealousy and hurt feelings, but a public
crusade is rare.
"Usually they don't advertise and usually they don't ask everyone to write us,"
said Hans Jornvall, secretary of the 50-member Nobel Assembly at Karolinska
Institutet, which picks the winner in medicine, speaking from Sweden.
He said Nobel officials never comment on Nobel Prize losers.
"To us," he said, "mankind is divided into two groups of people: those who have
got the award and those who have still not got it. . . . The ones who have still
not got it we don't say anything about."
Of those who got it, Lauterbur -- at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
-- and Mansfield -- at the University of Nottingham -- Jornvall said: "We think
they are excellent laureates."
The Nobel Assembly's statement on the winners said Lauterbur and Mansfield "made
seminal discoveries" that "led to the development of modern magnetic resonance
imaging, MRI, which represents a breakthrough in medical diagnostics and
Scientists in the MRI community are not totally surprised by Damadian's protest.
Some said Damadian has always been bold in seeking recognition and has pined for
a Nobel Prize. But there are varying views in the scientific community about the
proper distribution of credit for developing MRI.
"We are perplexed, disappointed and angry about the incomprehensible exclusion"
of Damadian from the prize, said Eugene Feigelson, dean of the college of
medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, where Damadian did his work related
to MRI. "MRI's entire development rests on the shoulders of Damadian's
discovery. . . . "
Damadian's discovery, beginning with experiments in 1969, was that cancerous and
normal tissue could be distinguished using a precursor technology then known as
nuclear magnetic resonance. In 1977 he developed a scanning machine, called
"Indomitable," now owned by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History
and on loan to an inventors' hall of fame in Ohio.
Working separately in subsequent years, Lauterbur and Mansfield developed more
sophisticated methods to capture images of tissue that were clearer, quicker and
easier to use.
"In my opinion, Paul Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield deserve the Nobel Prize,"
said Alex Pines, an expert in nuclear magnetic resonance at the University of
California at Berkeley. "In a leap of creative genius, they came up with the
gradient imaging methodology that forms the basis for what today is known as
Damadian's camp characterizes Lauterbur's and Mansfield's work as technological
refinements of Damadian's central insight, while the Nobel Assembly and other
scientists say Lauterbur's and Mansfield's breakthroughs were "discoveries" in
their own right. The documentation that the assembly used to choose Lauterbur
and Mansfield -- and exclude anyone else -- will remain secret for 50 years,
under Nobel rules, Jornvall said.
Mansfield could not be reached for comment, and Lauterbur said through his wife
that he preferred not to comment on Damadian's claims.
Damadian, 67, grew up in Queens and became a varsity tennis player and an
accomplished violinist before getting a medical degree. When he was a boy, his
grandmother was dying of cancer in the family's home, and her moans kept him
awake at night. Later, as a specialist in internal medicine, he was frustrated
that patients could have cancers that were undetectable -- and, doing research
with mouse tumors and magnets, he hit on his big idea.
He knows his campaign to get a Nobel this year may be a long shot. Once winners
have been announced, the assembly never changes its mind, according to Jornvall.
But Damadian says the battle is bigger than he is. In his view, the Nobel
Assembly has become the great arbiter of who goes down in the annals of medicine
-- yet its judgments are accountable to no one and not subject to appeal.
His campaign is on behalf of all the losers history might forget.
Staff writer Rick Weiss contributed to this report
- Christian Monitor issues publishing very sharp critics against the
Scandinavian Zionist lobbies..Christians show solidarity by the side of Damadian
and publishing interesting discussons... - Read us an example,
please? - Did Nobel Committee Ignore MRI Creator Because of
Creationism?, redaction of Christian Today asks.. And headed an article: "The
faith-based initiative hold-up, freedom to worship at home, and other stories
from online sources around the world.",
compiled by Ted Olsen on 10/10/2003: Not everybody on the Nobel Committee loves
Raymond Damadian
While today's Nobel Peace Prize announcement will no doubt reignite discussion
over whether Islam is a religion of peace, and may cause some to ask what
happened to the buzz that Pope John Paul II would win, others are still
discussing the controversy over this year's Nobel Prize in medicine.

The Nobel Committee on Monday announced that the prize would be awarded to Paul
C. Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield, for their discoveries concerning magnetic
resonance imaging, or MRI scans.

But when you ask Google who invented the MRI, the most common answer is Raymond
V. Damadian. What's up? The controversy has been percolating, and The Wall
Street Journal reported last year that "a ferocious battle in the scientific
community over who gets credit" probably held up an MRI-related Nobel for years.

A full-page ad in yesterday's The Washington Post said the Nobel committee was
"attempting to rewrite history" and "did one thing it has no right to do: It
ignored the truth."

Likewise, Damadian told Newsday, "I can't escape the fact that I started it all.
… My concern is the distortion by the Nobel Committee to write me out of the
history of the MRI. Every history book from now on will say the MRI is Lauterbur
and Mansfield."

"I know that had I never been born, there would be no MRI today," he told The
Washington Post.

Many scientists agree, but some suggest that Damadian's self-promotion may have
hurt him. He's "sometimes flamboyant," NPR science correspondent Richard Knox
told All Things Considered yesterday.

But Knox, along with Reason magazine's Ronald Bailey, suggested another reason
Damadian may have been disregarded: He's a devout Christian (see this 1997
profile in Christianity Today sister publication Christian Reader) who believes
in creationism. In fact, he's on the Technical Advisory Board for the Institute
for Creation Research, and on the reference board for Answers in Genesis's
upcoming Creation Museum.

"He's identified by many web sites as a prominent creation scientist," Knox
said. "I have no first-hand knowledge of his beliefs, but it's fair to say that
most scientists are not creationists and tend to look askance at scientists who
believe that way, but it's really impossible to know if the Nobel Committee took
that into account."

Bailey similarly writes, "I have no inside information, but I wonder if the
committee was swayed by the fact that Damadian, although a brilliant inventor,
is apparently a creation science nut. In ironic contrast, Lauterbur's current
research is on the chemical origins of life."

The Nobel Committee, meanwhile, says it doesn't talk about why certain people
don't receive the prizes. It only talks about why winners do.

Watch this space
Lots of links below, but come back this afternoon for even more, along with
fresh news and commentary. It's a busy religion news day, so we couldn't fit it
all in this morning.


- What are the students talking on this scandal?
- Very interesting thoughts... Listen to this record, please!..
- This is Shocking...Just Shocking... A doctor is accusing a Nobel Prize
Committee of a "wanton disregard for the truth." Dr. Raymond Damadian took out a
full page ad in both "The New York Times" and "The Washington Post" complaining
he should have shared in the Nobel Prize for Medicine. This year's prize went to
two men for their work on MRI technology. Dr. Damadian says their work was based
on his research and he should have been named an awardee as well. Damadian
discovered in 1970 that differences between cancerous tissue and normal tissue
could be seen using nuclear magnetic resonance, a precursor to MRI technology.
The secretary of the Nobel Assembly believes the award is correct, and says
Nobel prizes can't be appealed.
You mean the same group that has given a Nobel Peace Prize to Yasser Arafat. The
same group that gave extra points for a peace prize to Pope John Paul II only
after he came out against the war in Iraq? I'm shocked that these people would
have a wonton disregard for the truth. That couldn't happen, could it? -
Damn Nobel hypocrisy!..


- Read the petitions examples, too.. Not only today's!.. Begin with 80s, 90s,
look at this headline, for example; "evolution-based humanistic education
system"... - Who demands such dangerous matters in "our US"? -

- There are Scientists and the Newsmakers on the Scientical issues.. It's not
the same matter..
- Okay!.. What is the comments of Science-news-makers front?
- I read the news on 9 october 2003; one of the biggest monitor reports:
Damadian gets upset about the Nobel... As I predicted the other day, it didn't
take long for Raymond Damadian to get very upset about not being awarded the
Nobel Prize.

Today's Washington Post had a full-page advertisement claiming Damadian should
have been awarded the prize and included a cut-out form to send to the Nobel

I don't think the advertisement really helped his case. Presumably it is not a
good idea to try to influence the austere, traditional and serious Nobel
committee by proclaiming loudly that they screwed up in a major way.

"You suck! Now honour me!" is rarely an effective strategy.

And yet, there are many Damadian supporters out there. Some of them were quoted
in the newspaper advertisement. However, I have been speaking with many
scientists about this over the past few days and the matter is definitely not as
simple as Damadian claims. Perhaps it will be impossible to ever get to the
bottom of this, but we can be pretty sure that the Nobel committee tried it's
best to do so. (We'll find out in 2053 when the files become public.)

A few people rose up to defend Damadian in the comments of my post below and I
reprint one of them and my response here.

From comments to my post:

"Damadian had some ideas that were interesting but wrong, ..."
Hello? Damadian made the only actual "discovery" in among Lauterbur, Mansfield
and himself. NMR and T1/T2 lay in the hands of physicists and chemists for 40
years and no one ever even remotely thought of using this for medical purposes.
Until Damadian, as an MD and scientist, discovered that T1/T2 are different for
different tissues and that cancerous tissue emits different signals than healthy
tissue of the same organ. He got ridiculed alot for suggesting a whole body
scanner. Scientists with physics and chemistry background asked him how fast he
intends to spin his patients (alluding to the dato common technique for NMR
signal measurement). THIS discovery of T1/T2 in tissue is what the Nobel prize
should have gone to. Alfred Nobel explicitly required that the Nobel prize in
Medicine go to a discovery! The prize for physics can go to a discovery or
invention, in Chemistry for a discovery or a process ...

Moreover, Damadian clearly set the vision by patenting a decive for detecting
cancer. Taking the signals and drawing them on a piece of paper (and doing it
quickly and efficiently) was Lauterbur's achievement. Yet, as Damadian once
said, if he hadn't been, would we have MRI today? He (and I concur) doesn't
think so. If Lauterbur hadn't been, he would have gotten there himself.

Not to belittle the importance of Lauterbur's contribution, but after crediting
Damadian in his personal notebook on the day of his great idea, he failed to
ever credit Damadian in his publications and thus, he has commited the worst
scientific crime - that of plagiarism.

MCR • 10/9/03; 10:07:41 AM

My response:

"Hello? Damadian made the only actual "discovery" in among Lauterbur, Mansfield
and himself."
That is clearly an incorrect statement, regardless of what you think Damadian's
role is. Nobody is arguing that Lauterbur and Mansfield weren't deserving of the
Nobel (except perhaps you). The question is what is Damadian's role in all of

"Until Damadian, as an MD and scientist, discovered that T1/T2 are different for
different tissues and that cancerous tissue emits different signals than healthy
tissue of the same organ."

Damadian did in fact publish a paper that said that T1/T2 are different for
healthy and cancerous tissues. However, that turned out to be wrong. Nobody was
able to replicate the work and the conclusion was based on a small data set that
had poor statistical resolution. It is now well accepted that the claim in his
paper was incorrect. That is not to say it was a bad paper - just that the claim
didn't hold up. That's why scientists retest discoveries. There's nothing bad
about publishing something wrong. Claiming that it was correct in the light of
further evidence is not a good thing, however.

Part of the reason that he had such poor statistics was that his technique only
allowed for a point-by-point analysis of the sample. This was so time-consuming
and difficult that not much data could be collected. It also made the techique,
even if it really did show something, unsuitable for scanning any significant
quantity of tissue.

So the claim that Damadian's discovery that T1/T2 are different for cancerous
and non-cancerous tissues was wrong. Tell me again why a wrong claim is
deserving of a Nobel prize? If you want to argue that Damadian deserves the
prize, you'll need to come up with a different argument.

It sounds like you're quoting ideas from Damadian's full page advertisement in
today's Washington Post rather than coming up with something solid or
independent. If you have more information, then I'd love to hear it.

The reason why MRI can detect cancers is because of the boundaries that exist
between healthy and cancerous tissue showing up - but that requires the spatial
resolution of the tissue - exactly what Lauterbur figured out. He discovered how
to get spatial data by setting up the magnetic fields with appropriate

Mansfield's contribution is without question - he worked out what needed to be
done to deconvolve the data obtained in two-dimensional scanning. It's an idea
that somebody else would have had even if he hadn't but he did figure that out

Resolving this issue comes down to whether or not you think a Nobel should be
awarded to somebody who has a general idea or to the person who actually figures
out how the idea really works. This is related to the idea of "concept patents".
Interestingly, Damadian only won his lawsuit for patent infringement because the
laws at the time allowed him to claim priority using a "concept patent". The law
has changed and if he were to embark on that lawsuit today, it appears he would
have lost.

It's pretty clear to the people who were around at the time that Lauterbur
really did figure out the details. Sure Damadian had a conceptual idea that was
good even if it took him in the wrong direction. But if Nobels were awarded to
the people who had the conceptual idea, then a significant number of Nobels
should have gone to different people - often people who didn't understand the
problem as well as those who figured out the details and were actually awarded
the prizes.


- I read the appeals of Damadian and found parallel points with Mel Gibson
case... - Explain please.. - They are working on different areas,
both they are very close on the principles to be independent and cused anger by
AIPAC. - I know many attitudes by Damadian and understand that this
Armenian Scientist made red-hot by such lobbies... But how caused a film
producer to be fallen similarly position and... - Well, Gibson refuseed
sponsring the lobbies and didn't change screen-play, too... Movie star Mel
Gibson's controversial $25 million film about Jesus has sparked a new battle —
among Jews. For months, Gibson's "The Passion" has spurred headlines from the
Los Angeles Times to The New York Times, from Fox News to The New Yorker, for
its reportedly graphic portrayal of the last days of Jesus and its laying heavy
blame for his death on the Jews. Much of the media coverage has focused on the
conflict between Gibson, who belongs to a traditionalist Catholic sect opposed
to Vatican reforms in general, and some Jewish figures who warn the film will
stir anti-Semitism by splicing together the most anti-Jewish portions of the New
Testament gospels with extra-biblical writings of mystics who blamed all Jews
for the crucifixion. - Okay!... I undersatdn, if Nobel prize should be
shared on cinema, so we should witness two guys side by side; MRI creator and
Independent Film producer.. - So you can interprete my minds... -
Excuse me Sir; I wonder why the muslims shared Nobel prize.. - You mean
Mammele Ebadi? - Not only this woman!.. Remember, last year won not
single one woman, all the winner were the men, because last year were the big
occupations, big invasions on the big countries like Balkan, Chechenia,
Afghanistan, Iraq and all these investments need "secon hand" propaganda
instruments; it's ongoin Cold War and it's the work of "guys".. The "hot-war"
is the work of guys, not the Selma Lagerlös doggies, nor Mammele Ebadi... -
And now? - Now we succeed on many areas worldwide and now we aim to
destruct Iran, North Korea... Therefore I brought Damadian's before speechs and
petitions.. Read other pages, too; please.. So we can compare it better..
Compare with the nobel winner muslim guys and Damadian!... Damadian looks like
more muslim when you see the true face of the fake muslims, charlatan
satellites... - I see.. If Damadian could be muslim scientist, so we
should witness much more cruel results... - Don't mind Nobel prize;
compare his before appeals and Ahmed Rami's appeals.. Here!.. Read all these
collected examples... - Wow!.. Damadian was been "black-listed" just
before Nobel scandals.. - He was been registrated and pursued by the lobbbies
but Nobel fraud been last one drop so Damadian awakened... - When I
read all these elderly appeals and pettions so I afraid Damadian should handled
like a "psyco", what the many intellectuals processed...
- I am thinking different.. I f Damadian never signed such actions, perhaps he
could get a chance... But not so stronger chance.. It's not enough to be fake
muslim, too... - What more? - It's not enough to be first at all
the first on science or litterature... Oif Adalian should be pedophile, maybe
sould bigger chance as awarded by Nobel homos chorus...
- There are many awarded people, even their relatives can't remember if they
really the scientists or charlatans...
- Like Selma Lagerlös, she never wrote poem but on the Nobel-list she calls
"poet", instead of thif, copied folk-saga wealth of oppressed Scandinavians...
- Drug was free in Sweden, but ut's ot so liberal market nowadays... I
understand.. - If you corrupt an authority, it's crime and you find yourself
in the prison. But when you build a foundation and buy the brains of selected
persons under label "prize", so it will be legalized issue; most lefgalized
corrupt labeled "Nobel"... Therefore they use both imported figures by the side
of our bastard arrangers, like Uffe Ekman... - Who is that girl? -
Man, holy liar Ulf Ekman.. Read their own pages, please; you understand such
Svekish words; here is a wonderful description on this instrument: Pastor och
judisk bastard; "Godfader of Holy falsification" för härvan Livets Ord . Han är
en av de fanatiska Zionist Mafia-vänner, har bl.a. skrivet boken "Judarna -
Framtidens folk", där han visar hur det är vår plikt som icke-judar att slava
för det judiska folket - till sin hjälp för att förklara detta citerar Ekman
bibelcitat från den judiska bibeln - Torahn. Typisk religiös kollaboratör
fascist i branschen av kristen-Nazi-Zionist triangel.
Förenade Israelinsamlingen - Keren Hayesod: En mäktig judisk organisation, med
global täckning och lokalavdelningar över hela världen. Arbetar med att samla in
pengar till den s k Zionist military Mafia USrael genom pengainsamlingar och
donationer från förmögna judar i "diasporan". Den svenska lokalavdelningen har
en egen tidning som heter "Menorah". Goj: (goy, pluralis. gojim el. goyim)
Nedlåtande judisk beteckning på icke-judar. Synonymt med
"boskap", "kreatur" enligt dem, den form av fascist syn relaterat med judiska
uttrycket "Shabbaz Goj".
- This an enormous double moral machine, it stinks much more in last time...
Machine has two sides; a side of these lobbies discrimate persons and recruits
only the selected loyal members in false democracy areas and second one side of
the troops going to eliminate people on the occupied areas... A soft side and a
bloody backside of an enorms process...
- Look at the AMS, for example it worjks like a kind of mniature model of Nobel
committees; here the persons get first true jobs, who licks the ass of zionist
chiefs.. Meantime these authorities discriminate the honoured intellectuals... I
met well-known examples, jobless academicians too.. There are many persons much
more talented than COETZEEE and Mammele EBADI, there are much more Humanist
Jurists, Humanist Poems, Writers who are the victims of satellite regimes..
These pursued heroes really show engagement on many areas but these pursued
persons are still under heavy persecution process... I met the true heroes of
human rights, been jobless because they never collaborated with the judaized
Imperilaism.. I know many living examples, sice 15 years going jobless... Many
of them used in the laboratories, many of them are not aware...
- Many of them above listed offices and leagues, too.. They have been used as
animals in the laboratories, but they don't aware on such process..
- You mean the false "Jobbcentrum Vårberg"?.. - Such ridiculous process
centres of hypocrisy system... - I understand!.. All these registrated
intellectuals handled more cruel than non-talented immigrants...Because,
imperialism afraid of the brains at work nor the "living creatures"...
- Sweden has at least an half million registrated jobless... Massdiscrimination,
human and no single one "jobseeker Jew"... Like a kind of dynasty...
- Many pursued persons get no single one true cnace in work lihe... All life
long!.. This is a crime!...
- Discrimination is a crime, true!..
- Discrimination and persecution are the exercution of liberal capitalist
- Satellites living in an ocean of double standards... They give Nobel prize to
the lapdogs and meantime don't see the reality in their own backstage..
- Are we, ordinary people are all together the animals?
- According to Jewish dogmatism; yes!... A kind of "Animaniacs", what the boss
of Swedish cultur-market describes...... If you accept that Jews are first class
human and you are animal, serious; so you can take permanent chance for recruits
in the liberalized work world...
- Now I understand better, why any selected immigrants take always chance to be
personnel in Scandinavia!..
- This is a chain!..
- Dirty and bloody chain, but you must use label "culture"!.. This is the
validity in this community which rules under Zionist domination... - What
I learned here, you know? - What? - Ahmed RAMI should be
stronger candidate to NOBEL prize, if he should be traitor like these false
Cubanos, Persian whores or traitor Kurds, pedophilia criminals by neo-liberal
fascist leagues of Folkpartiet... - Dr. Raymond Damadian should
absolutely nominated to Nobel prize if he was one of the Swedish pedophile
doctors.. You know, most wanted pedophile doctors exposed in other countries but
they released in Sweden when the authorities marked their lobby relations...
This system prizes such instruments, not the true independent scientists... -
Sir, you describe what we think!.. - You don't need to be genie to guess
that the "butcher" sharks living in same ocean between the hippocampus and
delphinus... - Poem? - Tolkning af J. M. "Jabotinsky Male
whore" COETZEE!.. He won Nobel prize, too... - ?!
- I didn't hear Damadaian before I visited Tel Aviv... - First
in Usrael you met with Damadian? - No!.. Not with him, but his enemies...
A rabbin showed this article to me, when who knew I am a doctor from US...
- Show it me, please!.. - Welcome!.. Read these lines, please; "He
believes that rejection of God's account of Creation as the foundation for our
society is basic to the spiritual, social and economic sickness of our times. We
are replaying 'the seven steps of human regression and social disintegration'
which the Apostle Paul described in Romans chapter 1 as happening subsequent to
the rejection of the true God as Creator." and he continues talking on the
sickness of capitalist society... - Who is he, a priest? - Not
a priest, he was Dr. Damadian.. - Oh, what!.. Give me this broshure
please.. Big surprise.. Is it the same person? - Same Dr. who dismissed by the
Nobel committees.. - What said Rabin in Tel Aviv?.. - We must be
awakened and dismiss such "goy-guys" everywhere... - ?!
- Why the Zionist lobbies invest for manipulative culture activities? - One
aspect of the centuries-old, and present-day, operations of the Zionists is the
undermining and ruining of the culture of other nations, the disintegration of
their distinctive national features and of their national unity. A related
aspect is their activities directed against the culture of all mankind, against
classical, harmonizing art of all kinds. Destruction, dissonance,
abstractionism, surrealism and other nastinesses are elevated into a principle.
This is then declared to be the last word in culture; those who do not accept it
are defamed as being retrogrades, as not understanding modern art, and so forth.
The consciousness and psychology of the masses are ruined. This applies both to
any particular nation, and to all mankind. The nature of the "cultural
activities" of the Zionists lies in depriving all the Gentile nations of their
particular national roots, as well of their roots in a general human sense. That
is the nature of the Zionists' so-called cosmopolitanism. The current decline of
culture and art in Russia is very directly related to the ruinous work of
Zionism, and is the direct work of Zionism's hands. In large matters as in
small, Zionists are everywhere taking control of the organs of administration of
culture, art, education and science, and are performing relevant work in a
manner suitable to Zionism. Specifically, the art of a nation, and the roots of
a nation's soul, are being perverted, vulgarized and coarsened. This is done
shamelessly and effectively. They take their activities to the stage where a
Russian, for example, (and unfortunately this is no rarity) will say: "I can't
stand Russian songs!" The point is that he has been and still is being served a
specially prepared surrogate. The songs which are passed off as the songs of a
nation frequently bear no relation to the true art of that nation. They are
either minor pieces of work, or imitations, or things which have been specially
corrupted and perverted. Moreover, man has for a long time been sustainedly torn
away from his national roots. He is to a large extent already denationalized and
will consequently better absorb that substitute for culture which is of benefit
to Zion because it works on people in the spirit which Zion desires.
- Nobel prize is the bigger process by all of such cultural weapons...
- A strong advocate of Zionism, Gerald Kaufmann, heads the panel of judges for
the Booker Prize. Other members of the panel are John Sutherland, Natasha
Walter, Shena Mckay and Boyd Tonking. There were several factors other than
literary excellence that influenced the selection for the prize wrote Paul
Bailey, a noted literary critic, recently. He cited the examples of Salman
Rushdie and Vikram Seth who, despite their lack of literary talent, were awarded
the prize earlier.
- Unfortunately... The year of 2003 prize was awarded to the South African
writer, J.M Coetzee. The Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif was the most deserving
among the final list of the writers. The judges considered her novel, 'The Map
of Love', a rare piece of literary excellence, according to Bailey. Yet she was
denied the prize. Analyzing the reasons for her disqualification, Prof.
Sutherland considers that her hostile sentiments toward the Zionist movement
could have prompted Kaufmann to adopt a unfavorable stand against her.
Kaufmann's past as a zealous Jewish activist underpins this suspicion. He was
born and brought up among Jewish zealots. After completing his education at
Leeds, he entered politics. He was elected a Labor MP in 1970. Prime Minister
Harold Wilson, noted for his Zionist tilt, included him among his confidants.
Spotting his talent combined with his
dedication to the Zionist movement, Wilson allowed Kaufmann to prepare his
speeches on special occasions. During the Six-Day War, Kaufmann carried secret
letters between the Prime Minister's office and Israel's ambassador Aharon
Remez. This act, in fact, amounted to espionage and treason against Britain.
Kaufmann's memoirs also shed light on the biased British stand toward Israel in
1967 war. Kaufmann criticized the neutral stand taken by Edward Heath's
Conservative government in the 1973 Middle East war. He also expressed his
displeasure over the government's ban on the sale of weapons to Israel,
considering it the aggressor. The then Conservative government also denied
American planes carrying weapons to Israel permission to land or refuel in
British airports. Kaufmann also accused Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas Home
of anti-Semitism because of his bold stand in the General Assembly on this
issue. Later Kaufmann paid a visit to Israel in order to express his sympathy
and apology for the matter. Menahem Begin, the veteran terrorist leader, wanted
to meet Kaufmann in particular and express his personal gratitude to Kaufmann
for the services offered by him to Israel, Kaufmann's 'true motherland,' by
committing treason against Britain, his native country. On Kaufmann's becoming
the shadow foreign secretary for Labor in 1987, the Arabs expressed their deep
concern over the matter. He did not want to lose his post
because of the displeasure of the Arabs. Therefore Kaufmann began to appear as a
supporter of Palestinian self-determination. His attitude toward the Zionist
movement, however, did not undergo any change. He called Zionism a movement for
cultural liberation.
The fact that Salman Rushdie got the prize because of his venomous attack on
Islam and Ahdaf Soueif was denied it because of her Arab identity makes one
wonder whether a writer's attitude toward Islam and Arabs is the decisive factor
in winning the Booker Prize
- I understand, such kinky system gave prizes to its own doggies, nothing
else... - It's true!.. And then this Jewish provocator propagandist lapdog
"Jabotinsky Nut" COETZEE won (!!!) NOBEL prize 2003. - Well, it's not
only to the fake literature of an zion "gentle fascist" bastard; frankly it's an
extra prize to the South African mobilize assassination leagues who joined to
realize "well-planned cleansing" Olof PALME, too... - Like a kinky film
clip, a scenario on the Hypo-Culture Crisis of the zion infected Western shurk
intellectuality. - It realized at the least!.. This is the "schutzpach", Jewish
- We have a surprize guest in tv studio... Welcome, Sir!.. Ronald Bailey..
Welcome.. What is you comment on this affair?
- Nobel Misfire?
- That is right!...
- Raymond Damadian gets snubbed
- Okay!.. What is the reason?
- Well; modern inventions usually have many parents. Thus Nobel Prizes in recent
years have generally been won by several discoverers at a time. For example, the
Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded earlier this week to Paul
Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield for discovering magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Today there are 22,000 MRI machines worldwide and some 60 million patients
annually benefit from this noninvasive diagnostic technique that can identify
tumors and the damage caused by heart attacks and strokes. Lauterbur and
Mansfield made absolutely crucial contributions to the development of practical
MRIs. Congratulations are certainly warranted, but there is a oddity about the

Did the Nobel committee overlook the first inventor of MRI? I bring this
question up because I had thought that the idea that MRI could be used to image
living tissue was first conceived by American physician Raymond Damadian. I
formed this impression when, back in the mid-1980s I reviewed A Machine Called
Indomitable by New York Times reporter Sonny Kleinfield, which was the story of
how Damadian created the first MRI machine. A cursory Google search fairly
clearly identifies Damadian as the first inventor of MRI scanning. In fact,
Damadian's first MRI machine, Indomitable, is displayed at the National
Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio, on loan from the Smithsonian's National
Museum of American History.

Damadian supporters are running a full page ad in today's Washington Post urging
people to contact the Nobel committee to "express their outrage" at excluding
Damadian. Why did the committee not cite Damadian's work when it awarded this
prize? I have no inside information, but I wonder if the committee was swayed by
the fact that Damadian, although a brilliant inventor, is apparently a creation
science nut. In ironic contrast, Lauterbur's current research is on the chemical
origins of life.
- Ronald Bailey is Reason's science correspondent. Thak you, Sir!.. And other
one of the guests, please!..
- The medial shurks try to show him as a dare... - Whom?
- Scientst!.. Physician launches public protest over medical Nobel, but there
are many columnists, for example Cordelia Edvardson, Anita Goldman, Per Ahlin
and many other little amatuer Jews, try to show Damadian as crazy... -
TradiZionally!.. The crowds need chirpy for earn much more by their owners...


- Is Damadian a believed person? - I think so.. He has been registrated
by the Church.. - Evangelian? - Unfortunately, no.. Ortodox...
- Ortodox Jew? - No!.. He is Armenian... - Three points as
minus from me!.. - ?! **
- It's all folks.. You listened to the secret discussion records.. But tv
redaction exposed scenes of this kinky play... - I watced al the
scenes.. But my dear friends, don't believe in them... - To whom we should
believe... - There is only one truth, not double...
- You mean, they don't know the true reason... - Nobody knows...
- But you are working there and you are not such ordinary "body"... - Heh..
heeeh!... Sven you smells foxy... - What is the true reason, Sir!... I
know all these persons, who discussed and we listened here in studio..
- I respect them, beause they are the exeperts.. They are the scientists.. But
it is not enough always to know the tuth... - Right.. I agree with
you.. .They are not the friends to King Carl Gustav nor Bonnier&Wallenberg
charlatans.. These all above are the respectful scientists, all together...
- Of course!..If I should be only one in the Nobel committe, absolutely I
couldn't choose anyone of them... Maybe we should choose all together of them,
scientists... But one of them had wrong... - Did the true scientis a
wrong? - Not directly.. How can I explain, we should choose the true
first one... - This one who accuse the Nobel committee? - Yes, he!.. We
searched by the lobbies and couldn't find a relation... - What kind of
relation? - This crazy Dalmatian... - Mr. Damadian, not from
Dalmatia... - Okay, Sir!.. Your guy never was been a member by the
lobbies, our lobbies.. He never supported our foundations, never joined our
activities.. And when we occupied Iraq, he didn't accept to spread our
propaganda material on his responsible areas, authorities, assistance groups..
He was so independent... - Is it wrong to be independent scientist? Is
it wrong to be honorable and reject to lick the ass of your zionist capitalt
boss? - No!.. It's not wrong but we can never pay one single point to
such rebels... Anyway we did wrong... - What is the committe's wrong,
Sir? - We thought that independent scientists are mostly alone and
accepts like a kind of dare in the society because of their exantric
attitudes... It's our only one wrong, we missed to create a hobby to this guy...
- Hobby? - Problem.. So he never could set whole page announcements
on the international newspapers worldwide...
- I am afraid of you, Sir!...
- You are second oine in this week, who says same thing... - Who was the
first one?... - My general of armee, when I was soldier there and we
occiped the southern Lubnania; he is the first; Ariel Sharon...
- ?!

- And a bite of imagination around the MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging... -
At last, we would like explain How does MRI scanning work? - Yes!.. We are
listen to you.... - Nuclear magnetic resonance is the fundamental
principle exploited by MRI scanners. The nucleus of an atom can behave like a
tiny magnet since its protons are electrically charged and spinning, and the
neutron also has a magnetic field. The only nuclei that lack magnetic fields are
those with even numbers of both protons and neutrons, because the particles pair
off and cancel out each others' field. The atomic nucleus spins on its axis.
When the body with its atoms is placed in the magnet of an MRI machine the axes
of spin in atomic nuclei line up with the direction of the magnetic field, which
has a lower energy than aligning against the field. Radiation of the right
frequency can be absorbed and cause the nuclei to switch from the lower energy
state to a higher one. A radio coil wrapped around the body injects radio waves
and the body's atomic nuclei 'answer back' with a radio signal. The radio waves
produce the signal by causing the nuclei to flip back and forth from their
orientation with the field to their orientation against it.
The hard part is to design a machine to 'read' the differing signals from
differing tissues in the body (which have different 'proton densities'-for
example more or less water content) and translate this into a clearly defined
If you have ever had to have one of these scans, you would have been asked first
to make sure you had not metal objects on you. The magnetic pulse is so strong
that metal objects would literally fly across the room if close to the machine.
- After all these scientical finess Dr.Damadian caused enormous angry by the
fanatical religious authorities... - What is the connex with religion
and MRI? You said that Damadian is a believer, typical Orthodox Armenian, or?
- But he slams the Talmudic fanatics.. At first in 1994 Damadian published a
kind of declaration and accused the dogmatical fanatics...Read these broshures,
please!.. - I remember better now!.. "Scientist Slams Society's Spiritual
Sickness!".. This Damadian is.. - Yes, same person!.. - If
I could be member by the Nobel commissions, I would absolutely reject his name,
if he been candidated... - ?!
- What is the response of the "comment producer dolls" of Scandinavian zionist press?
- As usually, they continue to threat the Independent Scientists and solidarity movements...
- Have you any concrete example, to show the tv guests?
- Here, this is DN, Scandinavians most dominated "brain washing" machine..
- Let's watch and read it!..

DN-Jewish Newspaper/Bonniers files: Publicerad 21 oktober 2003

Uppfinnare kan bli stämd för protest

I en helsidesannons i gårdagens DN protesterade uppfinnaren Raymond Damadian mot att han inte fick något Nobelpris i medicin i år. Annonsen kommer inte att ge honom någon medalj. Däremot riskerar han att bli stämd av Nobelstiftelsen.

Uppfinnaren Raymond Damadian känner sig snuvad på Nobelpriset och protesterade i en annons i DN på måndagen. Nu riskerar han att bli stämd av Nobelstiftelsen.

Annonsen i måndagens DN.
Förstora bilden

Nobel 2003

• Fredspristagare hyllas av landsmän

• "När jag slog på radion hörde jag mitt namn"

• Iransk advokat får Nobels fredspris

• Nobelprisen

• Två amerikaner delar kemipriset

• Statistiska metoder från 80-talet tog priset

• Tre delar Nobelpriset i fysik

• Forskare bakom magnetkameran fick medicinpris

• J M Coetzee fick årets litteraturpris

Externa länkar
• Nobelstiftelsen

• Svenska Akademien

• Nobelförsamlingen vid Karolinska Institutet

• Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien

• Sveriges Riksbank

- Nobelkomittén är kriminell! Den har raserat mitt rykte genom att förfalska historien, säger Raymond Damadian, uppfinnare och vd för företaget Fonar i den amerikanska delstaten New York.

Hans röst närmar sig falsett i telefon. Han har drivit en kampanj ända sedan Karolinska institutets Nobelförsamling utsåg årets medicinpristagare den 6 oktober i år. Redan samma vecka protesterade han i helsidesannonser i tidningarna Washington Post, New York Times och Los Angeles Times. I går var samma annons införd på bästa annonsplats i Dagens Nyheter, vilket kostar minst en kvarts miljon kronor. Raymond Damadian är med andra ord riktigt arg.

Hans ilska beror på att den amerikanske kemisten Paul Lauterbur och den brittiske fysikern Peter Mansfield får dela på årets medicinpris för vetenskapen bekom magnetkameran. Raymond Damadian får ingen del av äran - vilket är extra bittert med tanke på att reglerna tillåter att upp till tre forskare delar på medicinpriset.

Raymond Damadian radar upp sina egna insatser i gårdagens annons. Hans företag tillverkar magnetkameror av den sort som uppmärksammades med årets medicinpris.

År 1971 beskrev Damadian en metod för att mäta skillnaden mellan en cancertumör och frisk vävnad med så kallad kärnmagnetisk resonans. Året därpå sökte han patent på metoden.

Han kunde inte ta bilder av vävnader i den levande kroppen, bara göra mätningar i provrör. Men metoden väckte stor uppmärksamhet i den medicinska världen.

- Jag tycker att han borde ha fått en del av priset, säger Anders Hemmingsson, pensionerad radiologiprofessor vid Uppsala universitet, och en av magnetkamerans pionjärer i Sverige.

Kemister och fysiker med erfarenhet av kärnmagnetisk resonans var inte lika imponerade.

- Raymond Damadian ska absolut inte ha något pris. Mycket av det han gjorde var rent blaj, säger Peter Stilbs, professor i fysikalisk kemi vid Tekniska högskolan i Stockholm.

Samma uppfattning framkommer i boken "Abusing Cancer Science" från 1987 av biokemisten Donald Hollis. Hollis upptäckte att det var omöjligt att upprepa några av de mätningar som enligt Damadian skulle tala om hur farlig en viss tumör var.

- Det var bara medicinarna som köpte Damadians idéer rakt av, inte kemister och fysiker, säger Peter Stilbs.

Raymond Damadian fnyser bort kritiken. Han fnyser bort hela Nobelstiftelsen. I sina annonser har han satt dit en uppochnervänd bild av Nobelmedaljen med Alfred Nobels ansikte i relief.

- Det gjorde jag för att hela den här saken är uppochnervänd, säger Raymond Damadian.

Men så får man inte göra. Medaljen är varumärkesskyddad av Nobelstiftelsen.

- Jag bedömer att Nobelstiftelsen skulle vinna om det blev en rättegång om saken, säger Ulf Bernitz, juridikprofessor och varumärkesexpert vid Stockholms universitet.

Nobelstiftelsens vd Michael Sohlman vill inte avslöja något om sina eventuella planer på att stämma bråkmakaren. Däremot ger han ett glasklart besked om att Raymond Damadian inte kommer att få någon medalj i år, trots alla protester.

Raymond Damadian hoppas för sin del att han blir stämd.

- Då skulle stiftelsens smutsiga hantering få ännu mer uppmärksamhet, säger han.

....written Per Snaprud/staff (propagand-instrument-lapdog) by its owner Jew Bonnier-clan-press


- I understand many intellectuls struggle against the zkionist imperialism; for
example Ahmed Rami, Social Scientist... But Damadian is a doctor and not
politician who create danger against system... - Just a minute, Sir!..
Do yoiu show me one single line from Ahmed Rami books, that he would "demolish
White House" or such appeal? - No!.. Rami and other social scientists
mostly using the facts and phlisophical methodes, not "direct antiglobal
actions" or "Reclaim the Street" shows... - You see!.. But I show here an
elderly declaration that a simply evidence, Dr. Damadian aims demolish White
House... - Show me this broshure, I wish r

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