not commercially packaged

Kucinich. Anthing else is a compromise, or a disaster - almost all of it under corporate labels - and unfortuantely we've already tried that.

Dennis J. Kucinich, the four-term Ohio Congressman, officially announced his longshot candidacy for president on Monday, laying out a populist platform of nonviolence, universal health care, workers rights and increased spending for education.
He spoke in Cleveland City Council chambers, where he had begun his political career at the age of 24.
Mr. Kucinich basked in the favorite-son status with a childlike smile on his face before offering a list of progressive agenda items from a speech scribbled on sheets of paper from white and yellow legal pads.

He said he would return to bilateral trade by revoking United States participation in Nafta and the World Trade Organization, repeal the antiterrorism legislation called the USA Patriot Act, create a universal health care system, establish universal prekindergarten schooling and create a cabinet-level Department of Peace that would bring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s principles of nonviolence into government.

But it won't be progressive if he loses. And can the media stop patronizing progressives? How is it smart always to go with the commercially-packaged product?

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Published on October 14, 2003 12:53 PM.

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