Daniel Reich and friends at one remove

Shelby Hughes's fog regularly enveloped the crowd at Daniel Reich

Trick Giglio and Barry Hoggard in front of Nick Maus's work at Daniel's

Daniel Reich ran away from home on Saturday. The great new space on 23rd Street gave the enthusiastic mob which attends this delightful, improbable wizard's every move just a bit more elbow room, but, come the cold weather and with it a much less friendly sidewalk, we will all be feeling the pinch again - and getting to know each other even better.

It's that darn crowd. But they are beautiful.

And of course they were the show on Saturday, but judging from even a quick look at the stuff I saw lying around I expect a return visit to the new work of Christian Holstad in the rear and Nick Maus and Shelby Hughes up front will confirm the attractions of the art as well. It all needed at least a little more room than we were able to give it last night.

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Published on November 24, 2003 10:42 PM.

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