oh, Canada!

How could you? Down here there are a lot of us who look to your good sense these days, since we have nothing of that stuff left ourselves.

Maybe we can now understand why the Canadian government hardly complained when the U.S. deported one of its citiizens to Syria last year. While returning home to Ottowa from a vacation abroad with his family that September, computer consultant Maher Arar had stopped in New York to change planes. Instead, he was detained and deported by the U.S. government.

He subsequently spent over a year in Syrian prisons, enduring beatings and tortures, and he has just returned home to Canada after being suddenly released last month. Arar and his family are accusing the Canadian security agencies, particularly the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, of providing information to U.S. authorities that led to his deportation.

After a virtual blackout of information for the last year, Canadian officials are now scrambling around trying to make just the right kind of fuss about the impropriety of the actions of the U.S. authorities and loudly denying that they themselves had anything to do with the outrage to one of their own.

I don't think it's going to work out well for them, even if they aren't likely to suffer the consequences that awaited Maher Arar.