throw Bush out of Britain!

Buckingham Palace Throne Room

He doesn't belong there either.

Bush and his wife are planning to be in Britain this month on a very rare "state visit".

There are a lot of Americans who would be very very happy to see him thrown out. The Brits have our best wishes for every success in accomplishing that, but I expect they'll do very well indeed without any help from us (even if that were possible, protests already having been effectively proscribed here in the U.S., where they are not totally ignored).

Forgive us the presumption, but, Like Lord Nelson, we expect every Englishman and Englishwoman to do his or her duty. The urgency arises from the fact that we ourselves cannot.

It's interesting that most of the peaks and perks that actually define such a glamorous visit seem to have already been ruled out, because of the British and American authorities' fears that the people will in fact be doing exactly that when the Bushes arrive.

President Bush, visiting London in November for three days, was looking forward to meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

This was to have entailed a grand procession along the Mall with all the pomp and ceremony of a state visit, but it has been cancelled over fears that antiwar campaigners would stage a colourful and angry protest to overshadow the event.

The President was also due to address the British Parliament on his three day visit. However, that too has been cancelled.

I mean, Harold Pinter is on the barricades! How much more respectable can a movement be? See the Stop the War Coalition site for details and helpful hints..

[image from ExploreLondon]

As an American who is planning to visit Britain later this year, I am wondering if it might be a good idea to cancel the trip because of the intense hatred of Americans that is prevalent in Britain at this time? It has gotten to the point where the British are now siding with Muslins against us - a frightening situation.

"siding with muslims" Is it better to side with christians? Jews? Jim Wells may not be aware that there are many muslims citizens in both Britain and the United States, and that their minds and hearts come in all shapes and sizes. At the very least maybe we can assume that he means to refer to a nation's foreign policy rather than its religious constituency.

But I don't know Mr. Wells, so perhaps I should stick to the subject of his travel plans. Why can't we Americans understand that for the Brits it is in fact not about us - at least not yet. It's about the horrendous regime with which we are currently saddled in Washington. Unlike the majority of Americans, the British, their neighbors on the continent, and even most of this planet can understand the difference.

Still, if we can't throw Bush out next year, I for one will not argue with them if they then say it actually is about us. At that moment I think I will have to agree - and prepare to leave this sad land.

If I were asked, I would recommend that Mr. Wells go to Britain this year, in case the worst happens in the next.

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Published on November 7, 2003 6:22 PM.

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