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A friend of ours, Lothar Albrecht, is opening a third branch of his very interesting Frankfurt art gallery in Beijing next month. Until we received the announcement in the mail today, we had understood the new venue was going to be in Japan. That was going to be exciting enough, since the only other location until now was Zurich. This latest development is totally unexpected and of an entirely different magnitude, for obvious political and cultural reasons.

The L.A. Galerie Beijing website is not yet fully operational, but the invitation reveals that the gallery will be showing the work of both Chinese and foreign artists. Great!

We wish Lothar, and everyone in China who makes art and who loves art, the very best.

UPDATE The gallery is to be located in a building constructed during the Ming Dynasty, but the interior will be the classic white cube.

[the image above, of Beijing opera figures, is from the Chinese website and unfortunately is not yet identified]

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Published on January 9, 2004 8:18 PM.

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