Fernando Carabajal

installation view of, among other things, a giant clown nose

The work of Fernando Carabajal has haunted me since we saw it in Mexico City late last month. Fresh, charming, quirky, and each piece a beautiful, microsmic reading by a very interesting artist.

I wanted to post something about this young Mexican from the moment in late January when we saw his work at the beautiful Galeria Nina Menocal, but at first there were no pictures available on line, and then when there were, Barry beat me to it with his post eleven days ago.

Now we've gotten a few more images from the gallery, but none of them can say as much as did our visit to his installation in the gallery's project room on the roof. Fortunately we should all be able to visit his wonderful clowns, elephants and other serious fun - the real things - at The Armory Show next month.

i recently saw Fernando's installation at the MCA in Chicago and was struck by the work. It has good aesthetics, nice scale and shows personal interest from the artist. His small paintings are also very like-able. I feel like he is doing something true to himself and that makes me feel good.

hi, fernando has a new exhibition right now. it