so why is it Kerry?

I don't even want to talk here about the relative merits of the various candidates for the club's nominee for the presidency, but I am pretty amazed that such a sense of inevitability became attached to John Kerry's name so early in the Democrats' process.

I know, some will say it's the invisible hand, the miracle of the democratic system, even the will of god, but I have another theory. I think it's the poverty of our minds and our imaginations. Early on Kerry had somehow been perceived as the The One, and everybody wants to be with the winner. It's the same phenomenon which creates blockbuster films, as Barry volunteered, or our mad obsession with SUV's, this year's Britney and the coolest camera cellphone of the month.

This time I'm not even sure that we've bought a bill of goods advanced by the market or the commercial media. It seems that we just don't want to be different. Americans are both too ignorant and too insecure to think for themselves. Kerry doesn't stand out much, but we understand that for some reason he just seems to be the one.

Who are we to argue with such evidence of virtue?

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Published on February 16, 2004 11:23 PM.

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