warning signs

as in "dead as a ____"

In a real parliamentary democracy the fact that at this moment the first five headlines* of the normally comfortably-establishment news service, Reuters, are about the "abuse" scandal and the plumeting public support for both the war and for Bush would be a signal that the collapse of the government is imminent.

But here it's not so exciting. Here we are apparently all just helpless spectators.


1.) U.S., Britain, Seek to Contain Iraq Abuse Scandal
2.) Poll: Bush Job Rating Dips, Support for War Down
3.) Bush's Backing of Rumsfeld Shocks and Angers Arabs
4.) Bush Shown Iraq Abuse Photos, Again Backs Rumsfeld
5.) Red Cross Was Told Iraq Abuse 'Part of the Process'

[image from Global Change 2]

What is puzzling me is the quiet(ed?) reaction of the Iraqis themselves to the abuse scandal, a scandal which I really hate because it obfiscates the fact the the whole war, the 10,000 killed Iraqis and the hundreds(? probably) of thousands maimed, is also kinda abusive.