fantastic Japan, here in Chelsea

Osamu Tezuka, cell from "The Princess Knight"

M.Y. Art Prospects has launched a fascinating show, "Fantastic Landscapes from Japan," curated by Taro Chiezo, one of the eight artists in the exhibition. It's a trip, in several senses, and it certainly saves us bundles in travel costs.

In the 21st century the exotic no longer has much of a chance of maintaining its distance from the familiar. I'm not at all suggesting that the M.Y. Art show is difficult to approach, but the aesthetic merit of the work may stand out even more because it lets a European-dominated society share in the power of ancient cultural traditions very different from its own, if also woven into them at the same time. Ultimately this show provides the kind of jolt a visitor should expect in experiencing any good art, regardless of its source - only here maybe with a few more amps.

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Published on September 18, 2004 6:30 PM.

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