Lombard-Freid Fine Arts

Jordan Wolfson Infinite Melancholy 2003 video, 4 minute loop, still image of installation projection

The title's a handful. Lombard-Freid's "The Festival of Dreams (part 1): Songs of Innocence & Experience" is a small group (four artists) show, but there's a promise of more to come. Based on the quality of the work there now, I'll be anticipating part 2.

The Kenneth Anger film stills are as beautiful as you might expect (actually, more beautiful than I expected), but the paintings by Cornelius Quabeck are a delight, and the Jordan Wolfson video in the back is awesome (you need to hear the piano), regardless of your connection to Christopher Reeve.

Cornelius Qualbeck Phunga (Camo) 2004 charcoal and spraypaint on canvas 90.5" x 60"