Nelson Leirner

Nelson Leirner Maracană (2003) plaster, ceramic and plastic, 120" x 130" x 9.5"

Nelson Leirner Figurativismo Abstrato (2004) sticker on wood, 67" x 86.5", detail

Ooops. Tardy again. Nelson Leirner's show at Roebling Hall's new space in Chelsea closes tomorrow, and since it was alrady extended a few weeks I have absolutely no excuse for posting so late.

The gallery describes the show as the Brazilian artist's North American gallery debut, so maybe I can be excused for thinking I was looking at the work of a very young man. Leirner was born in 1932, so I suppose I was a little off.

". . . socially conscious conceptualism," reads part of the press release, but there's great fun in a visit to the world he has created to skewer economic imperialism.

[first image at the top from the Roebling Hall site]

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Published on December 10, 2004 9:31 PM.

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