cardboard art


I love cardboard. It's warm, accessible, forgiving and versatile, and it comes in all sizes, colors and surfaces. It's also totally without pretension, even when it's pretty expensive. All these virtues describe the stuff before it's been worked, and sometimes the work really moves.

While one afternoon's experience doesn't suggest a school, as we were heading home last night I thought about the fact that in three gallery stops and one studio visit this humble material had been the basis for most of the art we had seen. Odd. Maybe it was only because all of the venues were very downtown, but it actually seemed very right.

[image from California State University Chico]

Speaking of art and cardboard, check out Scott Fife,
He'll be showing at Platform, ,( of which I'm an artist/owner) in February. A retrospective of his work just closed at the Tacoma Art Museum.

For several months I have been thinking of doing a project entitled, "If it's cardboard, is it art?" Last night I finally started working on one of them. It's nice to see that others are using this humble medium for self expression. It is fun to see what others are doing with it.

good to see someone having fun with cardboard. I am an artist and currently studying to be an art teacher. My first assignment was using cardboard to make a sculpture, now I have to think of what I can propose to students to make with cardboard. Can I steal your cardboard boat idea? I was going to use my teacher's suggestion of the entire class making a whole room out of cardboard which was actually done by some ECU (Western Australian Uni) students. Anyway I think if I don't use your idea for the Brief, I'll use it to make my own boat and have races in a pool also, looks like a laugh! Cherie

Cherie, I have to disabuse you of the notion that the idea (or the attractive image) is mine, but I hope you have great fun with your boats!

I have been working on an exhibition featuring artists who use cardboard for some time now, provisionally entitled 'Card-iacs Arrest' It will be presented at Raid Projects in Los Angeles next year. It does seem to be part of the Zeitgeist of the moment.
Check out these artists;
Chris Gilmour
Kiel Johnson
Scott Fife (as mentioned above)
Chris Tallon
Ryan Boyle
amongst others....
If anyone knows of other artists who are working with cardboard in the ambitious manner of those I just mentioned please forward some info. Appreciated!

I have been working with cardboard for the last five years and have numerous assemblage pieces varying in sizes. I am currently working on a portfolio and I would like to send you some photos of my work. I would like to be included in the show, please write back.
Dan Sheets

I'm sorry Dan, but I don't have a cardboard show in the works. This post was just a rumination.

I am as disappointed as Dan that this was just a rumination. I do appreciate that you listed the names of more artists -- I enjoyed googling them and seeing their work, especially discovering Scott Fife.

Dan, you might want to apply to this biennial show:

James, or others reading this, you might want to check out the site (it's also in English) and click on 'artists' for this year's show and in the archives.

Dan, is there a site where I can see your work? I can only hope that someday my work will be good enough to be included in the show.


Dear Max,
Some of the work I have done in cardboard can be seen online at it out will find a dashboard, a grand piano, and a helicopter.

viva la cardboard

Hi all
I'm a graphic design student and i am working with cardboards for the last two years. I am looking for artists, who are working more abstract and formalistic with cardboards. For example with focus on prints, shapes or form. Quite hard to find in the net!