the honest George

Juan Cole has written a speech George Bush could have actually delivered in the fall of 2002, but only to his real base (most interestingly, it's actually an outline of the administration's entire domestic agenda as much as it's about one ruinous war).

The rest of us would never hear these words from his lips, but there's nothing new there for those with eyes, ears, ordinary intelligence and perhaps some love for this world. Very sorry, America; most of you don't make that cut, but unfortunately we will all continue to pay for your fear and stupidity.

Meanwhile, although the Bushites want to continue to undo the New Deal, will they do an FDR in one area and go for a third term, or more? And it may be no problem, since amending the Constitution seems to be no big deal for this crowd.


[thanks to George Carter for the Juan Cole post tip; image of anti-FDR button from]

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Published on January 29, 2005 11:24 AM.

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