Claudia Weber and Jennifer Karady

Claudia Weber The Return 2005 mixed media, dimensions variable, installation view

Claudia Weber Untitled 2005 mixed media, dimensions variable, large detail of installation view

Claudia Weber is represented by one photograph and two sculptural installations at Momenta Art this month. I like them all a lot. The installations both excite and scare me for their fugaciousness [I worked on that noun a bit]. For more, see bloggy and go to the gallery in Williamsburg before March 7.

Jennifer Karady Pageant Talent: Katrina Johnson, Miss Nimrod 2003, Nimrod, MN 2004 Chromogenic color print on Fujiflex, mounted on Plexiglas 30" x 30" installation view

In the second gallery space Jennifer Karady shows photographs which engage, and disturb, with their sensitive examinations of some very special [dependent but apparently quite fulfilling] relationships between people and the animals closest to them.

While looking around unsuccessfully for larger images from the show, on a day on which the people at Momenta are not around to help with a jpeg, I discovered that Karady has herself collaborated with a friend from a neigboring species, Tillamook Cheddar, a diminutive and very charming abstract expressionist with a solid c.v. of her own.

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