brilliant move on the part of the White House


Maybe we've just been watching the latest sally in the radical conservatives' continuing campaign to dismantle the government. The results of a Newsweek poll released a few days ago suggest that it's working.

But Katrina’s most costly impact could be a loss of faith in government generally, and the president, in particular. A majority of Americans (57 percent) say “government’s slow response to what happened in New Orleans” has made them lose confidence in government’s ability to deal with another major natural disaster.
The only complication for the Bushies is that an even larger number of people are also convinced their own special damn fool - and his entire party - is a very big part of the problem.
Reflecting the tarnished view of the administration, only 38 percent of registered voters say they would vote for a Republican for Congress if the Congressional elections were held today, while 50 say they would vote for a Democrat.
Even showing up on a [helicopter] carrier again, as he did yesterday, won't change those numbers.

Thank goodness we can't afford still another war.

[image by Ron Edmonds from AP via Yahoo!]

I agree that the Republicans have combined sabotaging the government with cronyism, but do you really think that Democrats will be able to seize the day?

Give Rove one month. Polls will indicate that the mayor of New Orleans practiced voodoo in order to lure the hurricane over the city.