not so happy about the Bundeswehr

just say no

In the U.S. we can't get very excited about protesting our outrageous invasion and destruction of virtually powerless nations and peoples who present no threat to us whatsoever, but in Germany a good many citizens have always questioned whether it's moral even to posess an army in the first place.

Today is the 50th anniversary of Germany's very controversial decision to re-arm after the Second World War. Barry and I happened upon this spirited demonstration marching down Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse tonight. The sign reads something like:

50 years of Bundeswehr
are 50 years too many


BERLIN - Soldiers held a torch-lit parade late Wednesday outside the Reichstag parliament building to mark the modern German military's 50th birthday, accompanied by protests with anti-war activists shouting "Soldiers are murderers".

. . . .

Police said that 1,200 protesters turned out for the event. Some scuffled with police and threw stones, but no major violence was reported.

This upsets me so much. I hope Germanys ignorant people get a grip on reality. In America we honor our soldiers almost every single day. Yet in Germany I can see they couldn't care less. It makes me sick.

Re CodRed's comment: "In America we honor our soldiers almost every single day. Yet in Germany I can see they couldn't care less."

I'm reading something entirely different when I see something like this expression of dissent. In America we dishonor our soldiers every day we send young people to die for purposes unrelated to the preservation of our own security or freedom, or that of anyone else, and we especially dishonor them by condemning any expressions of dissent by people who care about the principles they believe America represents.

Liberal bullshit is all I hear coming out of your mouth you goddamn commie lovin son of a bitch.


The subtleties of CodeRed's argument leave me positively tongue-tied.