the Mark Brandenburg, near Berlin




We drove into the country this morning through the unexceptional, but totally charming landscape of the Mark Brandenburg, the historic core of the country, Prussia, which became the modern German state. It rained most of the day, but in these circumstances that somehow made it even more delicious to be alive.

I guess this is our fall foliage tour, but there's no mistaking it for New England.

The view of the ancient village seen in the distance in the top photo is balanced by the sight of the very modern windmill generator on the other side of the road. We had originally stopped the car to look at the yellow flowering plants [unidentified, and not so yellow in the image] and the colorful brush between the field and the road.

Tomorrow I hope to get to show some town images.

james, scrolling down the page, every picture was a new excitement. what a great trip. what great images! thanks, roberta