progressives are wrong if they're thinking Hillary Clinton

Steve Greenfield, upon his release from arrest during the 2004 Republican National Convention

It's time more people realized who she really is, and rejected the impressive, carefully-managed hype which disguises the reality. You don't even have to consider yourself a progressive to realize that in 2005, of all the nations of the Western world, only in Bush's America could this politician be represented as anything but a right-wing radical.

Clinton now has a Democratic primary challenger, Steve Greenfield. Maybe now we'll see some light shown on this Democratic/democratic travesty, although the character of our debased media doesn't offer me much hope.

What's wrong with Clinton? Barry explains it in a nutshell:

I don't know why so many liberals, including homos, think she's great. She says she likes the Defense of Marriage Act, she doesn't think public health insurance should cover abortion (Viagra seems to be OK), and she voted for both the PATRIOT Act and the Iraq War.
I really have to add that she thinks the 60-foot Israeli Apartheid Wall is just super.

[image from Greenfield for Senate]

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Published on November 27, 2005 3:50 PM.

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