"Mahomet débordé par les intégristes"


This cartoon appeared today in Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly associated with the radical Left. The in-house drawing portrays the prophet of Islam next to a headline, "Mahomet overwhelmed by the fundamentalists." The distraught man cries, "It's hard to be loved by fools."

Anyone who comes to my blog regularly knows that I have great affection for the planet's diversity, and that I am extremely sympathetic to the people and cultures of the middle east, but I expect I've also made it pretty clear that I consider myself an adversary not just of fundamentalism, but of all organized religions, equally, and regardless of where they are found. Okay, I admit that sometimes there's a worthy aesthetic element, but as in any other institution, that's not the part that destroys and kills.


Barry has uncovered the best words to appear on the subject of the cartoon war yet.

The fact that fundamentalists of all persuasions are completely incapable of self-reflection, self-criticism, and self-irony would not warrant a mention, were it not for their practice of imposing their issues on me and my world. They assume that we will kowtow to them as soon as we recognise who they are: "Look out! Religious feelings! We're leaving the private sphere."
See his site for the context of this piece and a link to Sonia Mikich's entire text.

[image from nouvelobs, via a news item from Reuters]