An-My Le with Murray Guy at Armory


This awesome work by An-My Le was shown at the Armory by Murray Guy.

I can't add anything.

I would like to know where I might see more of An- My le's photographs of Viet Nam as it would seem to appear in the years prior to the war years. I realize that some have been made to appear as such and would also like to know if there are others which are in no way staged but simply based on memory of the artist. I would be interested perhaps in purchasing as I find what I have seen enormously impactful. Thank you.


Have you seen the book, "Small Wars" by Le? Great photos in it. An-Me Lee is also showing at Dia:Beacon at the moment. Not the same series but great photos.
I am the founder of a nonprofit that brings free, visual art instruction to students in South Africa. An-Me Le donated a photo for an upcoming auction. Let me know if you are interested in bidding.
John Lombardo