Hannon, Jürgensen and Noonan at Foxy Production

Foxy Production [installation view of the gallery show, with a large detail of Jacob Dahl Jürgensen's Untitled Construction in the foreground]

Frank Hannon Abbyssinium 2006 archival inkjet on brown paper bags, collage, ink, spraypaint [installation view]

David Noonan Untitled 2006 silkscreen on linen, framed 30" x 22" [installation view]

It may only be coincidence, but Foxy Production's three-artist show, which also opened last night, seems at least somewhat related to that of Jacob Dyrenforth's installation at Wallspace next door.

The Foxy press release describes the untitled show as:

. . . recent work by Frank Hannon, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen and David Noonan, three London-based artists who examine interconnections between memory, performance, and ritual. Making the known seem uncanny, they mix references and genres to explore how common practices and codes can determine notions of self.
I think this is what I may most look forward to in an encounter with any of the arts: I like the fact that the mind is always challenged by [especially new] art, or art by the mind. The result is that the most ordinary things never look or sound the same but also even the most ordinary idea is never unchallenged, even if I don't always know how this is being done.

At Wallspace right now we may see the extraordinary made more ordinary; at Foxy, the ordinary is made more weird. Or is it actually the other way around? No, let's see, it seems to be going both ways at both shows, which means that I may not understand the process inside either. Still, within the eight walls of these two galleries the physical results are stunning.

Yes, the works I see here, I find pretty interesting too.

I'm delighted to hear from Tbilisi. A trip to your blog is almost like visiting Georgia, but in the company of a very interesting and savvy host.

All the best wishes for your enjoyment of the new office. I'm very envious of you for its architecture. What a wonderful doorway!

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