Jacob Dyrenforth at Wallspace

Jacob Dyrenforth [installation view, including large details of Stand-In for Ceremony in the foreground and Three in One on the wall]

Jacob Dyrenforth The Compound 2006 graphite on paper 22" x 30" [installation view]

Cultural heroes, cults, sensational news stories and fantasies are only starting points in Jacob Dyrenforth's show at Wallspace which opened last night. The idea seems to be the subjective or layered reality of both the images we encounter and those we create ourselves, especially when we turn them into fetishes.

The artist's medium is sculpture, drawing, video, prints and sound.

The images alone are worth a visit, and the conceit of Dyrenforth's attractive installation could not be more relevant in a world which is as indifferent to or confused about the arguments of truth as ours.