Shih Chieh Huang with Virgil de Voldère at Pulse




Shih Chieh Huang Rise and Fall of Civilization 2006 mixed media, dimensions variable in time and space [three views of installation]

Shih Chieh Huang's beautiful kinetic sculpture dominated Virgil de Voldère's booth at Pulse, and that's quite an accomplishment, since this dynamic young gallery's choices always seem to deliver both surprise and delight - if not simple amazement.

The artist was also represented by a smaller but equally lively piece suspended behind a partition, this one driven by two small computer fans:


In this week's Village Voice R.C. Baker's mini-review of Huang's show in the gallery space (ends Saturday) manages to describe what the proverbial "mixed media" means this time:

Awash in black light and bristling with wires and cable ties, robotic creatures spring to life when motion and light sensors—some of the latter suction-cupped to huge blinking eyes on video screens—trigger computer fans that fill flaccid plastic tubes with air, creating wriggling tentacles and flapping wings. More fans, hung from the ceiling, and random radio scans add to the sensory overload of this Taiwanese-born artist’s techno-geek fun house.

do you know who made the video, in the same booth, of the dog and the Chinese characters?

I don't remember the piece, but I've forwarded your question/comment to the gallery.

The artist name is Hung Chi Peng. He is a Taiwanese artist as well as CJ Huang. You can see more stills of his work on our web site,, you are also welcome to stop by the gallery in Chelsea where we can play for you other video works by Peng.

thank you!

love the work... i hope to possilby support him and also possibly do a collabaration with him for our haute couture show inparis jan 2007..... please visit our website