Tom Billings at Holland Tunnel


Tom Billings Our Founding Fathers 24" x 18"

Holland Tunnel
has a remarkable show, "Ménage à Trois", of paintings by Tom Billings, Jacques Roch and Jennifer Toth. It continues through the rest of this week. Unfortunately the gallery seems to have lost its website and I didn't leave the little garden shed on South 3rd Street with any more information about the show or the artists. Worse still, I can't find anything on line about Tom Billings.

Finally, I don't seem to have gotten an image of Jacques Roch's work in this show, but I'll try to make up for it, with the gallery at least, by doing a separate post showing works by Jennifer Toth.

Hi James. Anyone? Where can I go to find out more about artist, Tom Billings, see his art, prices, etc? Rick

Who is Tom Billings ?

I have no idea, Karl. The day I was there I could only speak to a friend of the gallery, who was looking after the space. He knew nothing about the artist, and soon after that Holland Tunnel seemed to disappear.

I searched the net for the name several times since but I've found almost nothing. I just looked at the gallery site tonight after a long interval. While the gallery is open again, not only is there no search or artist section, but also there's no email address.

Tom Billings is a good friend of mine and currently resides in Williamsburg. If you're interested in his art you should contact Gitana Rosa Gallery, 718-387-0115. The gallery has represented a good deal of his work, and would have any information you need about pricing, etc.

tom is collaberating on a show at Hope lounge in Willburg this friday night (9/14/2007)