"Available" at Monya Rowe

Brian Belott Boom Box #73rd 2003 acrylic on glass 15" x 18" [installation view]

Kevin Zucker Untitled 2006 digital C-print, 32" x 40" [large detail of installation]

Tim Davis Combatant Balls (My Life in Politics) 2004 C-print 20" x 24" [large detail of installation]

Monya Rowe has a beautiful show of still Lifes in a rich range of styles and mediums (although, no surprise when the subject is inanimation, there's no video). The title of the exhibition is "Available (A Still Life Show)".

I chose to upload these three images because they are more presentable as photographs than others I attempted (try to ignore the reflections), but I have to admit they each hold their own in the good company of Richard Callner, Kevin Christy, Dawn Clements, Anoka Faruquee, David Humphrey, Vera Iliatova, Dona Nelson, Kate Shepherd, Lynn Talbot, Wayne Thiebaud, Ben Woodward and "an anonymous contributor".

I've been fascinated by reverse painting on glass since first encountering it on 18th-century furniture decades ago. I'm delighted to know that the technique survives - so very excitingly well in this case. The green pentagram on back of the glass door of my old shelf clock can't begin to compete with a boom box with a worry face.

As for the Zucker, your eyes insist that you're looking at a realist oil study even when you're standing directly in front of it. What's that mean?

Tim Davis is just plain brilliant. He reminds us over and over again that photography really is about painting with light.

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Published on April 14, 2006 4:13 PM.

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