The Civilians continue to act patriotic


As American dissenters we hardly have to be reminded that we can't survive on demonstrations alone, especially when a cynical and incompetent regime can freely ignore millions of people taking to the streets (at this point I'm more inclined to demonstrate against the cynicism and incompetence of the Democratic Party and the Fourth Estate).

We will always need the sustenence of good political cabaret: We need the words, we need the song, and we need the laughs, and we need to be reminded of our history if we hope to have a future.

On Monday, May 8 The Civilians will bring the cultural legacy of The Left back to life with:

PATRIOT ACTS: AN AMERICAN VAUDEVILLE a one-night-only celebration in words and music of a great American tradition; proving there's another side to patriotism, the show revives the forgotten progressive history of many icons of American culture.
It's a benefit for this wonderful ensemble. See bloggy for more images and all the details. Check this post for a report on last year's show.

This group knows its stuff. Resistance, the Left and progressive ideals are not American monopolies (in fact it seems that today they are pretty scarce here). An earlier, brilliant production brought its audience inside the 1871 Paris Commune. Its effect was mesmerizing, and sheer political dynamite.



[images from The Civilians; the last two are from a production at the Jolla Playhouse, photograph by Manuel Rotenberg]