tickets still available for Momenta benefit tomorrow

One of the coolest and most progressive non-profit galleries in the city will be holding its annual fund-raising auction and raffle tomorrow evening.

Saturday is Momenta Art appreciation day.

Barry and I would never miss this one. It's a chance to be with a great bunch of people while surrounded, if ever so briefly, by some of the most interesting art to be seen anywhere right now. Then there's the excitement of being able to actually take something home, knowing that this boon is also for the future of the art and artists we love.

Although there are never any duds at a Momenta benefit, this year the offerings are particularly fine. Dues/tickets however are still only $175 (less a 10% discount for artists). There are 110 works and 110 tickets. No one goes home empty-handed, and there's little of the stress which is always a part of a silent-auction format.

For those who can't do without that competition there will be a silent auction, of eight additional select works, preceding the drawing itself.

Even if you can't make it to White Columns, where the works are now on display and where the event is being held, you can still order tickets and arrange for a proxy to make your selection from among the items in the raffle.

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