Derek Eller in summer mode

Peter Caine The Patriot 2006 mixed media animatronic sculpture 100" x 128" x 124" [large detail view of installation]

Fritz Welch Props to Rez Fink 2006 wood, paper, cardboard, plaster weld, hoodie tape, graphite, etc. dimensions variable [large detail view of installation]

During most of the summer Derek Eller will be showing a group which leaves plenty of space between the aesthetics of each piece. These sexy pieces cover virtually every medium, and they seem to have little in common but their lack of commonality, and that's enough for me.

This fine "Summer Group Exhibition" includes D-L Alvarez, Peter Caine, David Dupuis, André Ethier, Andrew Guenther, Chris Hammerlein, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Keith Mayerson, Dominic McGill, Michelle Segre, Alyson Shotz, Fritz Welch and Randy Wray.

There are more images on the gallery site, including a detail of the almost-enigmatic "Patriot", but as there's no statement, we're mostly on our own. [I often like to look at what Barry and I call the "instructions", especially when I'm totally baffled, but most of the time I can take my art straight up, as nature intended.]