Heather Rowe at D'Amelio Terras

Heather Rowe Gates Mirror 2006 old window, one-way glass, wood and wallpaper 25" x 42" x 8.5" [installation view]

Heather Rowe Green Desert 2006 flound floorboards, glass, mirrors, sheet rock, found frames, and shag carpet 67" x 248" x 88" [large detail of installation]

[Green Desert detail]

Finally a blog about a show that can still be seen. In fact D'Amelio Terras's only opened their new space two weeks ago, and Heather Rowe's new sculptures occupy merely a part of it. In the larger room to the rear the gallery has installed an exhibition of emerging artists working with the readymade. It's called "Fountains", a reference to Duchamp's singularly-eponymous 1917 found urinal.

The artists represented are Sanford Biggers, Carol Bove, Anne Collier, Jonah Freeman, Daniel Lefcourt, Michael Phelan, Noah Sheldon, Gibb Slife and Michael Vahrenwald.

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Published on August 1, 2006 8:48 PM.

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