Taylor McKimens at Clementine



Taylor McKimens has a single large piece installed inside Clementine Gallery.

An exhibition featuring Taylor McKimens's first comic book, published by PictureBox. All of the artwork used to make the comic book has been re-mixed to make a single freestanding large scale artwork in the space.
No old board fence ever looked so pretty - or so wonderfully yucky. The show's title, "Drips", only begins to explain the latter; the two details of the untitled 2006 work shown above should also help if you haven't been there yet.

Barry and I bought the comic - and the editioned small print - on the spot. We both find it hard to stay away from McKimens.

The artwork stinks see, an overly fabricated rip off of Crumb exploiting hip aesthetics that have worn themselves thin in the past six years. Unoriginal, overly schooled, overly calculated, the artwork offers nothing of any emotional value but is just a stinking mess of illustration. The hip school of art in New York is going down and Taylor and all of his cronies know it so they have this very exclusive club of art phonies who are willing to perpetuate the myth of artist as socialite, artist as a contributer to hip fasion sensibilities but not the artist as an individual. they have been able to stay in the underground for so long because there art smells of feces so bad that it couldn't get famous, so they linger in the artworld, like a parasite, trying to gaurd the underground like a throne, but their banisters are wearing thin and once the fabric turns loose and they trip the wrong side of their panties these Shiza masters will be rollin' in the dung with the rest of em'! Open the underground! These people are the same kind of phonies who work in the movies and suck dick to become well connected! OuT

Thats funny, I actaully thought this show was really good.

Fuck you Martin...Taylor Mckimens is fucking bomb.

His work is original and soulful.....He creates his own universe, and though some technique is obviously derived from some of Crumb's sensibilities, the feeling is really different. They are just both using classic cartoon ideas and imagery,