Andrew Piedilato at Black and White Chelsea

Andrew Piedilato Untitled 2006 oil on canvas 83" x 78" [installation view]

Sometimes in a group show there will be one piece that just jumps out at you. This is sometimes a totally subjective experience of a balanced show; on a return visit the work and the installation might look very different, but with 300+ galleries in Chelsea alone these days, the likeihood of a return may be only fantasy.

"The Sheltering Sky", the current show in Black and White's large 28th Street space, houses Andrew Piedilato's stunning, untitled 45-square-foot canvas. This very physical, semi-abstract painting is as beautiful as it is enigmatic. The semblance of an Escher-like brick wall/road suggests that while Piedilato might never let you into the space toward which it seems to be moving, he's also not going to leave you standing where you started out.

The work is part of a show of emerging artists whose title was borrowed from the novel by Paul Bowles.

thanks, andy.


One of the first artists I ventured to promote through a Buckhead art scene in Atlanta in 99. I was completely taken by the production and passion he had for his work. At this point.. almost 10 years later I am very happy to see that his confidence has not diluted or strayed from focus.