Ian Davis at Leslie Tonkonow

Ian Davis Strategy 2006 acrylica on canvas 60.25" x 70.25"


Ian Davis must definitely be enjoying his first one-person show at Leslie Tonkonow this month. I know I did, even if a visit to this intense exhibition of oddly faux-naive painting reveals work as extraordinarily beautiful in its mantric minimalism as it is disturbingly chilling for its "uniform" intensity. But for Davis, the thing is, he's already sold every painting there, in a show which still has three more weeks to run. It's a brilliant debut.

Ian Davis Contract 2006 acrylic and spray paint on linen 46" x 50"

Ian Davis Banquet 2006 acrylic on linen 36" x 42"

so...this is Ian Davis' debut? Im really struck by the De balincourt running through some of the paintings.

Wow, I bought an Ian Davis painting in 1998 and he's really progressed so wonderfully. I feel lucky to have one of his first pieces. Kudos!

I am tickeled Ian Davis is being celebrated for his most recent work and commanding the price for his more sizeable pieces also. Although, I much prefer his larger size cartoonish Pop Art Basquait-ish (sp), action hero playful stuff though then the New Yorker style cover art he crafting now.

In 1999, I bought a quirky painting from Art One Gallery in Scottsdale featuring the heads of two baseball players painted against a sky-blue background on a hollow-core wooden door. My wife was aghast and has always hated the piece. Imagine my surprise to see where the artist is now! I am breaking up a twenty-five year collection of baseball-related fine art (including the Davis). Does anyone know if it has value?

where can I buy Ian davis's work?

Hi Ian. It's me Randi...I have been trying to find you for years...the Artone guy wouldn't tell me. Of course that was years ago. Have you kept in touch with Joe? I still have pics of you and the gang at the Tempe house/studio. I hope you are able to read this someday and catch up. Life is an amazing journey, isn't it.Anyway, it looks as though you are doing well...I'm really proud of you. I'm doing pretty good myself...back in Phoenix of the week. Take care.

Ian Davis has the best way showing his soldiers in the right place in his artwork pieces... I rate his work in 10 stars~~!!
Continue using them in your future art pieces...

I bought one of his "the hypocrites" from art one in 2000 (scottsdale). shows the same business men all in a line whispering to each other. watches are set at different times. so current especially in light of today's situation. everyone who looks at it "get's it" immediately.

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