"Perdidos en el despacio" at Off Limits in Madrid

Artemio Made in china 2006 self-adhesive vinyl 80cm x 150cm [installation view with Barry and gallery guest in foreground]

Yesterday Barry and I went to an opening in Lavapiés with Teresa Moro, a show by a group of Mexican artists at a new space called "Off Limits", run by two friends of hers. There we discovered that one of the participating artists was our friend María Alós, whom we had first met in New York. She showed up a few minutes after we arrived and in our excitement we almost forgot to pay attention to the show itself, "Perdidos en el despacio" [Lost in space], whose curatorial conceit was a consideration of the way we address the spaces we occupy.

One of the pieces in the show was this adhesive intervention by Artemio, a sign affixed to the wall just outside the entrance of the gallery which identified the entire show as a product. I was also able to register both the boast and the melancholy of Edgar Orlaineta's straps from a humble pair of plastic flip-flops, fixed on the cement floor, "The world is my sole", with their suggestion of the possibility of transcending space altogether.

Maria was represented in the exhibition with "Ejercicio de control #2" [Control exercise #2], a piece which demands of the public some behavior protocols in the gallery: Where it was possible, each of the other artists' works was isolated in an area delineated by tape attached to the floor, and volunteers were stationed at the edge of each of these with timers and instructions for the visitor.

Edgar Orlaineta The world is my sole 2005 sujetadores de chancias enterradas en el cementa 30 cm [detail of installation]

The world is my sole is stunning.

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Published on May 6, 2007 12:50 PM.

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