Jacques Vidal, "making friends + keeping friends"

[detail of Vidal's collage in the gallery window]

Please indulge me for this additional post on Jacques Louis Vidal's show at Sunday. The immediate occasion for my uploading some more pictures now was the fact that the artist performed a second time inside the gallery last Saturday with totally new material, and these images partially document what the gallery billed as a workshop, "making friends + keeping friends".

I think Vidal is an extremely interesting artist, but these pictures have a larger history for me personally: I am very interested in the performing arts as well as the visual arts, but because of the nature of the viewer's experience most theater (of almost any kind, even the experimental and the outré, which is my passion) is much more problematic, of not impossible, for a blogger who loves to introduce unique images to his visitors. Like a bee to honey, if you tell me that an artist I already admire is doing a show, I'm on it.

I believe there will be a final performance this weekend, probably late Saturday afternoon, but I don't know anything more right now.

The picture which leads this post at the top is a detail of the latest version (as of Saturday) of Vidal's continuing window installation.






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Published on July 10, 2007 7:05 PM.

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