Joshua Allen Harris at SVA Open Studios

Joshua Allen Harris, detail of the work on the left in the thumbnail below

[full view of two drawings]

Joshua Allen Harris, studio wall detail

My camera was angry with me for making it take pictures in the near-darkness at the SVA Open Studios on Thursday night. My apologies to Mr. Nikon and to my visitors for these bluish shots, but I thought the work was too interesting to let them lie fallow in my computer. The shapes and colors on these graceful works on paper by Joshua Allen Harris were made by laboriously rubbing the ink off of portions of images found on fresh newspapers (collected at dawn or even earlier, I was told, before their ink dries completely). The artist may also have incorporated some collage elements, but I don't think there is any conventional drawing on any of these pieces.

The work is exquisite, and unlike anything I've ever seen, but it evokes for me images in a large personal history of other charms and beauties.

I love your work! What an original idea with the inflating animals off the subway air! I love you. You have pleased me so! Thank you Gabi
I love all of your work

Lovely work. Is this the same (Joshua Allen Harris) who was recently featured on the news with Rory Emerald? Inflatable sculptures on New York City streets. Anyway. Harris and Emerald are creative artists. I saw their exhibit at the Guggenheim last year and really enjoyed it. Good luck guys!!!